J. Méndez-Ramos
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F Lahoz, IR Martın, J Mendez-Ramos, P Nunez
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Three dimensional printing of components and functional devices for energy and environmental applications
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Optical nanoprobes for biomedical applications: shining a light on upconverting and near-infrared emitting nanoparticles for imaging, thermal sensing, and photodynamic therapy
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Increase of the 800 nm excited Tm3+ blue upconversion emission in fluoroindate glasses by codoping with Yb3+ ions
IR Martın, J Méndez-Ramos, VD Rodrıguez, JJ Romero, J Garcıa-Solé
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Novel Sol–Gel Nano‐Glass–Ceramics Comprising Ln3+‐Doped YF3 Nanocrystals: Structure and High Efficient UV Up‐Conversion
AC Yanes, A Santana‐Alonso, J Méndez‐Ramos, J del‐Castillo, ...
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J Méndez-Ramos, V Lavın, IR Martın, UR Rodrıguez-Mendoza, ...
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Role of the ions in the formation of transparent oxyfluoride glass ceramics
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J Méndez-Ramos, VK Tikhomirov, VD Rodriguez, D Furniss
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VD Rodríguez, VK Tikhomirov, J Méndez-Ramos, AB Seddon
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Shifting the sun: solar spectral conversion and extrinsic sensitization in natural and artificial photosynthesis
L Wondraczek, E Tyystjärvi, J Méndez‐Ramos, FA Müller, Q Zhang
Advanced Science 2 (12), 1500218, 2015
Optimization of roughness, reflectance and photoluminescence for acid textured mc-Si solar cells etched at different HF/HNO3 concentrations
B González-Díaz, R Guerrero-Lemus, B Diaz-Herrera, N Marrero, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 159, 295-298, 2009
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