A. Muñoz-Rueda
A. Muñoz-Rueda
Catedrático de Fisiología Vegetal, UPV/EHU/ Professor of Plant Physiology
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The oxidative stress caused by salinity in two barley cultivars is mitigated by elevated CO2
U Pérez‐López, A Robredo, M Lacuesta, C Sgherri, A Muñoz‐Rueda, ...
Physiologia Plantarum 135 (1), 29-42, 2009
Elevated CO2 alleviates the impact of drought on barley improving water status by lowering stomatal conductance and delaying its effects on photosynthesis
A Robredo, U Pérez-López, HS de la Maza, B González-Moro, ...
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Elevated CO2 reduces the drought effect on nitrogen metabolism in barley plants during drought and subsequent recovery
A Robredo, U Pérez-López, J Miranda-Apodaca, M Lacuesta, ...
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Lettuce production and antioxidant capacity are differentially modified by salt stress and light intensity under ambient and elevated CO 2
U Pérez-López, J Miranda-Apodaca, A Muñoz-Rueda, A Mena-Petite
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Concentration of phenolic compounds is increased in lettuce grown under high light intensity and elevated CO2
U Pérez-López, C Sgherri, J Miranda-Apodaca, F Micaelli, M Lacuesta, ...
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Mitigation of N2O emissions from grassland by nitrification inhibitor and Actilith F2 applied with fertilizer and cattle slurry
P Merino, JM Estavillo, LA Graciolli, M Pinto, M Lacuesta, A Munoz-Rueda, ...
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Elevated CO2 reduces stomatal and metabolic limitations on photosynthesis caused by salinity in Hordeum vulgare
U Pérez-López, A Robredo, M Lacuesta, A Mena-Petite, A Muñoz-Rueda
Photosynthesis Research 111 (3), 269-283, 2012
The effects of cadmium and lead on photosynthetic electron transport in
JM Becerril, A Muñoz-Rueda, P Aparicio-Tejo, C Gonzalez-Murua
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Changes induced by cadmium and lead in gas exchange and water relations of clover and lucerne
JM Becerril, C Gonzalez-Murua, A Munoz-Rueda, MR De Felipe
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Influence of water stress on photosynthetic characteristics in barley plants under ambient and elevated CO2 concentrations
A Robredo, U Pérez-López, M Lacuesta, A Mena-Petite, A Muñoz-Rueda
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Atmospheric CO 2 concentration influences the contributions of osmolyte accumulation and cell wall elasticity to salt tolerance in barley cultivars
U Pérez-López, A Robredo, M Lacuesta, A Muñoz-Rueda, A Mena-Petite
Journal of Plant Physiology 167 (1), 15-22, 2010
The impact of salt stress on the water status of barley plants is partially mitigated by elevated CO2
U Pérez-López, A Robredo, M Lacuesta, A Mena-Petite, A Muñoz-Rueda
Environmental and Experimental Botany 66 (3), 463-470, 2009
Growth and nutritional quality improvement in two differently pigmented lettuce cultivars grown under elevated CO2 and/or salinity
U Pérez-López, J Miranda-Apodaca, M Lacuesta, A Mena-Petite, ...
Scientia Horticulturae 195, 56-66, 2015
Lipoic acid and redox status in barley plants subjected to salinity and elevated CO2
U Pérez‐López, A Robredo, M Lacuesta, C Sgherri, A Mena‐Petite, ...
Physiologia Plantarum 139 (3), 256-268, 2010
Elevated CO2 and salinity are responsible for phenolics-enrichment in two differently pigmented lettuces
MF Sgherri,C., Pérez-López,U., Micaelli,F., Miranda-Apodaca,J., Mena-Petite ...
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 115, 269-278, 2017
A study of photorespiratory ammonia production in the C4 plant Amaranthus edulis, using mutants with altered photosynthetic capacities
M Lacuesta, LV Dever, A Muñoz‐Rueda, PJ Lea
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Glycolate accumulation causes a decrease of photosynthesis by inhibiting RUBISCO activity in maize
B González-Moro, M Lacuesta, JM Becerril, C Gonzalez-Murua, ...
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Temporal study of the effect of phosphinothricin on the activity of glutamine synthetase, glutamate dehydrogenase and nitrate reductase in Medicago sativa L.
M Lacuesta, B Gonzalez-Moro, C González-Murua, A Munoz-Rueda
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Denitrification losses from a natural grassland in the Basque Country under organic and inorganic fertilization
JM Estavillo, M Rodriguez, M Domingo, A Munoz-Rueda, ...
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Effect of Phosphlnothricin (Glufosinate) on Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll Fluorescence Emission by Barley Leaves Illuminated Under Photorespiratory and Non-Photorespiratory …
Journal of Experimental Botany 43 (2), 159-165, 1992
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