María D. Mayán
María D. Mayán
Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de A Coruña, INIBIC
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Cdc14 inhibits transcription by RNA polymerase I during anaphase
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Connexins in cancer: bridging the gap to the clinic
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Targeting of chondrocyte plasticity via connexin43 modulation attenuates cellular senescence and fosters a pro-regenerative environment in osteoarthritis
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Plasma albumin concentration is a predictor of HbA1c among type 2 diabetic patients, independently of fasting plasma glucose and fructosamine
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Cis-interactions between non-coding ribosomal spacers dependent on RNAP-II separate RNAP-I and RNAP-III transcription domains
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Proteomic analysis of connexin 43 reveals novel interactors related to osteoarthritis
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Senolytic activity of small molecular polyphenols from olive restores chondrocyte redifferentiation and promotes a pro-regenerative environment in osteoarthritis
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Biochemical evidence for gap junctions and Cx43 expression in immortalized human chondrocyte cell line: a potential model in the study of cell communication in human chondrocytes
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A redundancy of processes that cause replication fork stalling enhances recombination at two distinct sites in yeast rDNA
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DNA is more negatively supercoiled in bacterial plasmids than in minichromosomes isolated from budding yeast
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E2F1-mediated FOS induction in arsenic trioxide–induced cellular transformation: effects of global H3K9 hypoacetylation and promoter-specific hyperacetylation in vitro
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Environmental health perspectives 123 (5), 484-492, 2015
RNAP-II molecules participate in the anchoring of the ORC to rDNA replication origins
MD Mayan
PLoS One 8 (1), e53405, 2013
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