Daniel Alsina
Daniel Alsina
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Citada per
Experimental test of Mermin inequalities on a five-qubit quantum computer
D Alsina, JI Latorre
Physical Review A 94 (1), 012314, 2016
Absolutely maximally entangled states, combinatorial designs, and multiunitary matrices
D Goyeneche, D Alsina, JI Latorre, A Riera, K Życzkowski
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Compressed quantum computation using a remote five-qubit quantum computer
M Hebenstreit, D Alsina, JI Latorre, B Kraus
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Operational approach to Bell inequalities: Application to qutrits
D Alsina, A Cervera, D Goyeneche, JI Latorre, K Życzkowski
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Absolutely maximally entangled states, quantum-maximum-distance-separable codes, and quantum repeaters
D Alsina, M Razavi
Physical Review A 103 (2), 022402, 2021
Quantum Key Distribution Over Quantum Repeaters with Encoding: Using Error Detection as an Effective Postselection Tool
Y Jing, D Alsina, M Razavi
Physical Review Applied 14 (6), 064037, 2020
The powerfulness of classical correlations
D Goyeneche, W Bruzda, O Turek, D Alsina, K Życzkowski
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Tensor networks for frustrated systems: emergence of order from simplex entanglement
D Alsina, JI Latorre
arXiv preprint arXiv:1312.0952, 2013
Classical Value of Non-Local Quantum Games
D Alsina, D Goyeneche, O Turek, K Życzkowski
PhD thesis: Multipartite entanglement and quantum algorithms
D Alsina
arXiv preprint arXiv:1706.08318, 2017
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