Michal Mazur
Michal Mazur
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The ADOR mechanism for the synthesis of new zeolites
P Eliášová, M Opanasenko, PS Wheatley, M Shamzhy, M Mazur, ...
Chemical Society Reviews 44 (20), 7177-7206, 2015
Synthesis of ‘unfeasible’zeolites
M Mazur, PS Wheatley, M Navarro, WJ Roth, M Položij, A Mayoral, ...
Nature chemistry 8 (1), 58-62, 2016
Hierarchical hybrid organic–inorganic materials with tunable textural properties obtained using Zeolitic-layered precursor
M Opanasenko, WON Parker Jr, M Shamzhy, E Montanari, M Bellettato, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (6), 2511-2519, 2014
Hydrotalcite-derived cobalt–aluminum mixed oxide catalysts for toluene combustion
A Białas, M Mazur, P Natkański, B Dudek, M Kozak, A Wach, P Kuśtrowski
Applied Surface Science 362, 297-303, 2016
Intercalation chemistry of layered zeolite precursor IPC-1P
M Mazur, P Chlubná-Eliášová, WJ Roth, J Čejka
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Swelling and pillaring of the layered precursor IPC-1P: tiny details determine everything
M Shamzhy, M Mazur, M Opanasenko, WJ Roth, J Čejka
Dalton Transactions 43 (27), 10548-10557, 2014
Ru complexes of Hoveyda–Grubbs type immobilized on lamellar zeolites: activity in olefin metathesis reactions
H Balcar, N Žilková, M Kubů, M Mazur, Z Bastl, J Čejka
Beilstein journal of organic chemistry 11 (1), 2087-2096, 2015
Pressure-induced chemistry for the 2D to 3D transformation of zeolites
M Mazur, AM Arévalo-López, PS Wheatley, GPM Bignami, SE Ashbrook, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (13), 5255-5259, 2018
Germanosilicate UTL and its rich chemistry of solid-state transformations towards IPC-2 (OKO) zeolite
M Mazur, M Kubů, PS Wheatley, P Eliášová
Catalysis Today 243, 23-31, 2015
A new layered MWW zeolite synthesized with the bifunctional surfactant template and the updated classification of layered zeolite forms obtained by direct synthesis
J Grzybek, WJ Roth, B Gil, A Korzeniowska, M Mazur, J Čejka, RE Morris
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (13), 7701-7709, 2019
Synthesis of ‘unfeasible’zeolites Nat
M Mazur, PS Wheatley, M Navarro, WJ Roth, M Položij, A Mayoral, ...
Chem 8, 58-62, 2016
Atomic Force Microscopy of Novel Zeolitic Materials Prepared by Top‐Down Synthesis and ADOR Mechanism
RL Smith, P Eliášová, M Mazur, MP Attfield, J Čejka, MW Anderson
Chemistry–A European Journal 20 (33), 10446-10450, 2014
Direct incorporation of B, Al, and Ga into medium-pore ITH zeolite: synthesis, acidic, and catalytic properties
MV Shamzhy, C Ochoa-Hernández, VI Kasneryk, MV Opanasenko, ...
Catalysis Today 277, 37-47, 2016
Encapsulation of Pt nanoparticles into IPC-2 and IPC-4 zeolites using the ADOR approach
Y Zhang, M Kubů, M Mazur, J Čejka
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 279, 364-370, 2019
Pillaring of layered zeolite precursors with ferrierite topology leading to unusual molecular sieves on the micro/mesoporous border
WJ Roth, B Gil, A Mayoral, J Grzybek, A Korzeniowska, M Kubu, ...
Dalton Transactions 47 (9), 3029-3037, 2018
A procedure for identifying possible products in the assembly–disassembly–organization–reassembly (ADOR) synthesis of zeolites
SE Henkelis, M Mazur, CM Rice, GPM Bignami, PS Wheatley, ...
Nature protocols 14 (3), 781-794, 2019
The effect of UTL layer connectivity in isoreticular zeolites on the catalytic performance in toluene alkylation
N Žilková, P Eliášová, S Al-Khattaf, RE Morris, M Mazur, J Čejka
Catalysis Today 277, 55-60, 2016
Vapour-phase-transport rearrangement technique for the synthesis of new zeolites
V Kasneryk, M Shamzhy, J Zhou, Q Yue, M Mazur, A Mayoral, Z Luo, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-8, 2019
Synthesis of Pt-MWW with controllable nanoparticle size
Y Zhang, M Kubů, M Mazur, J Čejka
Catalysis Today 324, 135-143, 2019
Zeolite framework functionalisation by tuneable incorporation of various metals into the IPC-2 zeolite
M Mazur, V Kasneryk, J Přech, F Brivio, C Ochoa-Hernández, A Mayoral, ...
Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers 5 (11), 2746-2755, 2018
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