Abel Rosado
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Arabidopsis synaptotagmin 1 is required for the maintenance of plasma membrane integrity and cell viability
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Identification of the Arabidopsis dry2/sqe1‐5 mutant reveals a central role for sterols in drought tolerance and regulation of reactive oxygen species
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The Arabidopsis tetratricopeptide repeat-containing protein TTL1 is required for osmotic stress responses and abscisic acid sensitivity
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The SUD1 gene encodes a putative E3 ubiquitin ligase and is a positive regulator of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase activity in Arabidopsis
VG Doblas, V Amorim-Silva, D Posé, A Rosado, A Esteban, M Arró, ...
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ABA- and ethylene-mediated responses in osmotically stressed tomato are regulated by the TSS2 and TOS1 loci
A Rosado, I Amaya, V Valpuesta, J Cuartero, MA Botella, O Borsani
Journal of experimental botany 57 (12), 3327-3335, 2006
Sortin1-hypersensitive mutants link vacuolar-trafficking defects and flavonoid metabolism in Arabidopsis vegetative tissues
A Rosado, GR Hicks, L Norambuena, I Rogachev, S Meir, L Pourcel, ...
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Regulation of K+ transport in tomato roots by the TSS1 locus. Implications in salt tolerance
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Molecular locks and keys: the role of small molecules in phytohormone research
S Fonseca, A Rosado, J Vaughan-Hirsch, A Bishopp, A Chini
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Genetic and genome-wide transcriptomic analyses identify co-regulation of oxidative response and hormone transcript abundance with vitamin C content in tomato fruit
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The Arabidopsis tetratricopeptide thioredoxin-like gene family is required for osmotic stress tolerance and male sporogenesis
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Multiscale structural analysis of plant ER–PM contact sites
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EM Bayer, I Sparkes, S Vanneste, A Rosado
Current Opinion in Plant Biology 40 (December 2017), 89-96, 2017
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