Professor of Physical Chemistry, University Complutense of Madrid; Department of Physical Chemistry
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Micellar enhancements of rates of SN2 reactions of halide ions: the effect of head group size
R Bacaloglu, CA Bunton, F Ortega
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 93 (4), 1497-1502, 1989
Salt-induced changes in the growth of polyelectrolyte layers of poly (diallyl-dimethylammonium chloride) and poly (4-styrene sulfonate of sodium)
E Guzmán, H Ritacco, JEF Rubio, RG Rubio, F Ortega
Soft Matter 5 (10), 2130-2142, 2009
NMR study of the location of bromide ion and methyl naphthalene-2-sulfonate in cationic micelles: relation to reactivity
R Bacaloglu, CA Bunton, G Cerichelli, F Ortega
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 93 (4), 1490-1497, 1989
Monolayers of symmetric triblock copolymers at the air-water interface. 1. Equilibrium properties
MG Muñoz, F Monroy, F Ortega, RG Rubio, D Langevin
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Dilatational rheology of insoluble polymer monolayers: Poly (vinylacetate)
F Monroy, F Ortega, RG Rubio
Physical Review E 58 (6), 7629, 1998
Particle laden fluid interfaces: dynamics and interfacial rheology
AJ Mendoza, E Guzmán, F Martinez-Pedrero, H Ritacco, RG Rubio, ...
Advances in colloid and interface science 206, 303-319, 2014
Wettability of silica nanoparticle–surfactant nanocomposite interfacial layers
A Maestro, E Guzmán, E Santini, F Ravera, L Liggieri, F Ortega, RG Rubio
Soft Matter 8 (3), 837-843, 2012
Different process schemes for converting light straight run and fluid catalytic cracking naphthas in a FCC unit for maximum propylene production
A Corma, FV Melo, L Sauvanaud, FJ Ortega
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Contact angle of micro-and nanoparticles at fluid interfaces
A Maestro, E Guzmán, F Ortega, RG Rubio
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Interfacial microrheology: particle tracking and related techniques
F Ortega, H Ritacco, RG Rubio
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Fourier-transform rheology of polymer Langmuir monolayers: analysis of the non-linear and plastic behaviors
H Hilles, F Monroy, LJ Bonales, F Ortega, RG Rubio
Advances in colloid and interface science 122 (1-3), 67-77, 2006
Polymer – Surfactant Systems in Bulk and at Fluid Interfaces
RGR Eduardo Guzmán, Sara Llamas, Armando Maestro, Laura Fernández-Peña ...
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 233, 38-64, 2016
Monolayers of Symmetric Triblock Copolymers at the Air− Water Interface. 2. Adsorption Kinetics
MG Munoz, F Monroy, F Ortega, RG Rubio, D Langevin
Langmuir 16 (3), 1094-1101, 2000
Adsorption of polyelectrolytes and polyelectrolytes-surfactant mixtures at surfaces: a physico-chemical approach to a cosmetic challenge
S Llamas, E Guzmán, F Ortega, N Baghdadli, C Cazeneuve, RG Rubio, ...
Advances in colloid and interface science 222, 461-487, 2015
Dilational rheology of Langmuir polymer monolayers: Poor-solvent conditions
F Monroy, S Rivillon, F Ortega, RG Rubio
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Mechanism of reaction of hydroxide ion with dinitrochlorobenzenes
R Bacaloglu, A Blasko, C Bunton, E Dorwin, F Ortega, C Zucco
Journal of the American Chemical Society 113 (1), 238-246, 1991
An electrostatic approach for explaining the kinetic results in the reactive counterion surfactants CTAOH and CTACN
F Ortega, E Rodenas
Journal of Physical Chemistry 91 (4), 837-840, 1987
Adsorption kinetics and mechanical properties of ultrathin polyelectrolyte multilayers: liquid-supported versus solid-supported films
E Guzmán, H Ritacco, F Ortega, T Svitova, CJ Radke, RG Rubio
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Surface rheology, equilibrium and dynamic features at interfaces, with emphasis on efficient tools for probing polymer dynamics at interfaces
F Monroy, F Ortega, RG Rubio, MG Velarde
Advances in colloid and interface science 134, 175-189, 2007
Polymer monolayers with a small viscoelastic linear regime: equilibrium and rheology of poly (octadecyl acrylate) and poly (vinyl stearate)
H Hilles, A Maestro, F Monroy, F Ortega, RG Rubio, MG Velarde
The Journal of chemical physics 126 (12), 124904, 2007
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