David Englmeier
David Englmeier
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A tangible spherical proxy for object manipulation in augmented reality
D Englmeier, J Dörner, A Butz, T Höllerer
2020 IEEE conference on virtual reality and 3d user interfaces (VR), 221-229, 2020
Spherical world in miniature: Exploring the tiny planets metaphor for discrete locomotion in virtual reality
D Englmeier, W Sajko, A Butz
2021 IEEE Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), 345-352, 2021
Feel the Globe: Enhancing the Perception of Immersive Spherical Visualizations with Tangible Proxies
D Englmeier, I Schönewald, A Butz, T Höllerer
Workshop on Novel Input Devices and Interaction Techniques of the 26th IEEE …, 2019
Tangiblesphere–interaction techniques for physical and virtual spherical displays
D Englmeier, J O'Hagan, M Zhang, F Alt, A Butz, T Höllerer, J Williamson
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Rock or roll–locomotion techniques with a handheld spherical device in virtual reality
D Englmeier, F Fan, A Butz
2020 IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR …, 2020
Sphere in Hand: Exploring Tangible Interaction with Immersive Spherical Visualizations
D Englmeier, I Schönewald, A Butz, T Höllerer
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Musical similarity analysis based on chroma features and text retrieval methods
D Englmeier, N Hubig, S Goebl, C Böhm
Gesellschaft für Informatik eV, 2015
Spherical Objects as an Opportunity to Investigate Physical Embodiment in Mixed Reality Environments
D Englmeier
Gesellschaft für Informatik eV, 2019
Spherical tangible user interfaces in mixed reality
D Englmeier
lmu, 2021
Digitale Version (digitALD) der zwei Teile des ALD/Versione digitale (digitALD) delle due parti dell’ALD/Digital version (digitALD) of the two parts of ALD (2021) digitALD …
H Goebl, D Englmeier, T Englmeier
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