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Body surface localization of left and right atrial high-frequency rotors in atrial fibrillation patients: a clinical-computational study
M Rodrigo, MS Guillem, AM Climent, J Pedrón-Torrecilla, A Liberos, ...
Heart rhythm 11 (9), 1584-1591, 2014
Noninvasive estimation of epicardial dominant high‐frequency regions during atrial fibrillation
J PEDRÓN‐TORRECILLA, M Rodrigo, AM Climent, A Liberos, ...
Journal of cardiovascular electrophysiology 27 (4), 435-442, 2016
Adaptive step ODE algorithms for the 3D simulation of electric heart activity with graphics processing units
VM García-Molla, A Liberos, A Vidal, MS Guillem, J Millet, A Gonzalez, ...
Computers in biology and medicine 44, 15-26, 2014
Balance between sodium and calcium currents underlying chronic atrial fibrillation termination: an in silico intersubject variability study
A Liberos, A Bueno-Orovio, M Rodrigo, U Ravens, I Hernandez-Romero, ...
Heart Rhythm 13 (12), 2358-2365, 2016
Technical considerations on phase mapping for identification of atrial reentrant activity in direct-and inverse-computed electrograms
M Rodrigo, AM Climent, A Liberos, F Fernández-Avilés, O Berenfeld, ...
Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology 10 (9), e005008, 2017
Regularization techniques for ECG imaging during atrial fibrillation: a computational study
C Figuera, V Suárez-Gutiérrez, I Hernández-Romero, M Rodrigo, ...
Frontiers in physiology 7, 466, 2016
An adaptive step size GPU ODE solver for simulating the electric cardiac activity
VM Garcia, A Liberos, AM Climent, A Vidal, J Millet, A Gonzalez
2011 Computing in Cardiology, 233-236, 2011
Identification of dominant excitation patterns and sources of atrial fibrillation by causality analysis
M Rodrigo, AM Climent, A Liberos, D Calvo, F Fernández-Avilés, ...
Annals of biomedical engineering 44 (8), 2364-2376, 2016
Highest dominant frequency and rotor positions are robust markers of driver location during noninvasive mapping of atrial fibrillation: A computational study
M Rodrigo, AM Climent, A Liberos, F Fernández-Avilés, O Berenfeld, ...
Heart rhythm 14 (8), 1224-1233, 2017
Causality relation map: a novel methodology for the identification of hierarchical fibrillatory processes
M Rodrigo, A Liberos, MS Guillem, J Millet, AM Climent
2011 Computing in Cardiology, 173-176, 2011
Identification of fibrillatory sources by measuring causal relationships
M Rodrigo, MS Guillem, A Liberos, J Millet, O Berenfeld, AM Climent
2012 Computing in Cardiology, 705-708, 2012
Minimal configuration of body surface potential mapping for discrimination of left versus right dominant frequencies during atrial fibrillation
M Rodrigo, AM Climent, A Liberos, F Fernández‐Aviles, F Atienza, ...
Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology 40 (8), 940-946, 2017
Solving inaccuracies in anatomical models for electrocardiographic inverse problem resolution by maximizing reconstruction quality
M Rodrigo, AM Climent, A Liberos, I Hernández-Romero, Á Arenal, ...
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 37 (3), 733-740, 2017
Solving inaccuracies in the heart position and orientation for inverse solution by using electric information
M Rodrigo, AM Climent, A Liberos, I Hernández-Romero, A Arenal, ...
2017 Computing in Cardiology (CinC), 1-4, 2017
Non-invasive estimation of the activation sequence in the atria during sinus rhythm and atrial tachyarrhythmia
J Pedrón-Torrecilla, AM Climent, A Liberos, E Pérez-David, J Millet, ...
2012 Computing in Cardiology, 901-904, 2012
Accuracy of inverse solution computation of dominant frequencies and phases during atrial fibrillation
J Pedrón-Torrecilla, AM Climent, A Liberos, M Rodrigo, E Pérez-David, ...
Computing in Cardiology 2014, 537-540, 2014
Body surface potential propagation maps during macroreentrant atrial arrhythmias. A simulation study
A Liberos, J Pedrón-Torrecilla, M Rodrigo, J Millet, AM Climent, ...
Computing in Cardiology 2013, 915-918, 2013
Noninvasive identification of atrial fibrillation drivers: Simulation and patient data evaluation
MS Guillem, AM Climent, M Rodrigo, I Hernández-Romero, A Liberos, ...
2016 Computing in Cardiology Conference (CinC), 121-124, 2016
Atrial sources identification by causality analysis during atrial fibrillation
M Rodrigo, AM Climent, A Liberos, F Fernández-Avilés, O Berenfeld, ...
2015 37th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2015
Non-invasive detection of reentrant drivers during atrial fibrillation: A clinical-computational study
M Rodrigo, AM Climent, A Liberos, J Pedrón-Torrecilla, J Millet, ...
Computing in Cardiology 2014, 9-12, 2014
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