Robert Hausler
Robert Hausler
Professeur, génie de l'environnement, École de technologie supérieure
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Comparison between electrocoagulation and chemical precipitation for metals removal from acidic soil leachate
N Meunier, P Drogui, C Montané, R Hausler, G Mercier, JF Blais
Journal of hazardous materials 137 (1), 581-590, 2006
Advances in principal factors influencing carbon dioxide adsorption on zeolites
D Bonenfant, M Kharoune, P Niquette, M Mimeault, R Hausler
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Determination of the structural features of distinct amines important for the absorption of CO2 and regeneration in aqueous solution
D Bonenfant, M Mimeault, R Hausler
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CO2 Sequestration Potential of Steel Slags at Ambient Pressure and Temperature
D Bonenfant, L Kharoune, S Sauve, R Hausler, P Niquette, M Mimeault, ...
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Metal removal through synergic coagulation–flocculation using an optimized chitosan–montmorillonite system
E Assaad, A Azzouz, D Nistor, AV Ursu, T Sajin, DN Miron, F Monette, ...
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Degradation of selected acidic and neutral pharmaceutical products in a primary-treated wastewater by disinfection processes
C Gagnon, A Lajeunesse, P Cejka, F Gagne, R Hausler
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Application of nanofiltration in the recovery of chromium (III) from tannery effluents
LM Ortega, R Lebrun, IM Noël, R Hausler
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Assessment of acid–base strength distribution of ion-exchanged montmorillonites through NH3 and CO2-TPD measurements
A Azzouz, D Nistor, D Miron, AV Ursu, T Sajin, F Monette, P Niquette, ...
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CO2 sequestration by aqueous red mud carbonation at ambient pressure and temperature
D Bonenfant, L Kharoune, S Sauvé, R Hausler, P Niquette, M Mimeault, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 47 (20), 7617-7622, 2008
An emergy analysis for urban environmental sustainability assessment, the Island of Montreal, Canada
RE Vega-Azamar, M Glaus, R Hausler, NA Oropeza-García, ...
Landscape and urban planning 118, 18-28, 2013
Impacts of substituting aluminum-based coagulants in drinking water treatment
P Niquette, F Monette, A Azzouz, R Hausler
Water Quality Research Journal 39 (3), 303-310, 2004
UV-VIS and FTIR spectroscopic analyses of inclusion complexes of nonylphenol and nonylphenol ethoxylate with β-cyclodextrin
D Bonenfant, P Niquette, M Mimeault, A Furtos-Matei, R Hausler
Water research 43 (14), 3575-3581, 2009
Molecular analysis of carbon dioxide adsorption processes on steel slag oxides
D Bonenfant, L Kharoune, S Sauvé, R Hausler, P Niquette, M Mimeault, ...
international journal of greenhouse gas control 3 (1), 20-28, 2009
Immunotoxic effects on freshwater mussels of a primary-treated wastewater before and after ozonation: a pilot plant study
F Gagné, C André, P Cejka, R Hausler, M Fournier, C Blaise
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 69 (3), 366-373, 2008
Estimation of the CO2 absorption capacities in aqueous 2-(2-aminoethylamino) ethanol and its blends with MDEA and TEA in the presence of SO2
D Bonenfant, M Mimeault, R Hausler
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 46 (26), 8968-8971, 2007
Effectiveness of soil washing, nanofiltration and electrochemical treatment for the recovery of metal ions coming from a contaminated soil
LM Ortega, R Lebrun, JF Blais, R Hausler, P Drogui
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Removal of metal ions from an acidic leachate solution by nanofiltration membranes
LM Ortega, R Lebrun, JF Blais, R Hausler
Desalination 227 (1-3), 204-216, 2008
Comparative analysis of the carbon dioxide absorption and recuperation capacities in aqueous 2-(2-aminoethylamino) ethanol (AEE) and blends of aqueous AEE and N …
D Bonenfant, M Mimeault, R Hausler
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 44 (10), 3720-3725, 2005
Antioxidative activity of water hyacinth components
R Bodo, A Azzouz, R Hausler
Plant Science 166 (4), 893-899, 2004
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