Catherine Royer
Catherine Royer
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Probing protein folding and conformational transitions with fluorescence
CA Royer
Chemical reviews 106 (5), 1769-1784, 2006
Pressure provides new insights into protein folding, dynamics and structure
JL Silva, D Foguel, CA Royer
Trends in biochemical sciences 26 (10), 612-618, 2001
Revisiting volume changes in pressure-induced protein unfolding
CA Royer
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Protein Structure and Molecular …, 2002
Cavities determine the pressure unfolding of proteins
J Roche, JA Caro, DR Norberto, P Barthe, C Roumestand, JL Schlessman, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (18), 6945-6950, 2012
Structural characterization of the pressure-denatured state and unfolding/refolding kinetics of staphylococcal nuclease by synchrotron small-angle X-ray scattering and Fourier …
G Panick, R Malessa, R Winter, G Rapp, KJ Frye, CA Royer
Journal of molecular biology 275 (2), 389-402, 1998
Exploring the temperature− pressure phase diagram of staphylococcal nuclease
G Panick, GJA Vidugiris, R Malessa, G Rapp, R Winter, CA Royer
Biochemistry 38 (13), 4157-4164, 1999
Evidence for a molten globule-like transition state in protein folding from determination of activation volumes
GJA Vidugiris, JL Markley, CA Royer
Biochemistry 34 (15), 4909-4912, 1995
Fluorescence anisotropy assays implicate protein-protein interactions in regulating trp repressor DNA binding
V LeTilly, CA Royer
Biochemistry 32 (30), 7753-7758, 1993
Resolution of the fluorescence equilibrium unfolding profile of trp aporepressor using single tryptophan mutants
CA Royer, CJ Mann, CR Matthews
Protein Science 2 (11), 1844-1852, 1993
Probing the contribution of internal cavities to the volume change of protein unfolding under pressure
KJ Frye, CA Royer
Protein Science 7 (10), 2217-2222, 1998
Effects of amino acid substitutions on the pressure denaturation of staphylococcal nuclease as monitored by fluorescence and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
CA Royer, AP Hinck, SN Loh, KE Prehoda, X Peng, J Jonas, JL Markley
Biochemistry 32 (19), 5222-5232, 1993
Fluorescence spectroscopy
CA Royer
Protein stability and folding, 65-89, 1995
Volume, expansivity and isothermal compressibility changes associated with temperature and pressure unfolding of staphylococcal nuclease
H Seemann, R Winter, CA Royer
Journal of molecular biology 307 (4), 1091-1102, 2001
Single-molecule analysis of CD9 dynamics and partitioning reveals multiple modes of interaction in the tetraspanin web
C Espenel, E Margeat, P Dosset, C Arduise, C Le Grimellec, CA Royer, ...
The Journal of cell biology 182 (4), 765-776, 2008
Pressure perturbation calorimetric studies of the solvation properties and the thermal unfolding of proteins in solution—experiments and theoretical interpretation
L Mitra, N Smolin, R Ravindra, C Royer, R Winter
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 8 (11), 1249-1265, 2006
Modulators of the structural dynamics of the retinoid X receptor to reveal receptor function
V Nahoum, E Pérez, P Germain, F Rodrı́guez-Barrios, F Manzo, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (44), 17323-17328, 2007
[19] Fluorescence approaches to study of protein-nucleic acid complexation
JJ Hill, CA Royer
Methods in enzymology 278, 390-416, 1997
A unique secondary-structure switch controls constitutive gene repression by retinoic acid receptor
A Le Maire, C Teyssier, C Erb, M Grimaldi, S Alvarez, AR De Lera, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 17 (7), 801, 2010
Characterization of the interaction between retinoic acid receptor/retinoid X receptor (RAR/RXR) heterodimers and transcriptional coactivators through structural and …
V Pogenberg, JF Guichou, V Vivat-Hannah, S Kammerer, E Pérez, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 (2), 1625-1633, 2005
Pressure-jump small-angle x-ray scattering detected kinetics of staphylococcal nuclease folding
J Woenckhaus, R Köhling, P Thiyagarajan, KC Littrell, S Seifert, CA Royer, ...
Biophysical journal 80 (3), 1518-1523, 2001
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