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Guanidines: from classical approaches to efficient catalytic syntheses
C Alonso-Moreno, A Antinolo, F Carrillo-Hermosilla, A Otero
Chemical Society Reviews 43 (10), 3406-3425, 2014
Well-defined alkyl heteroscorpionate magnesium complexes as excellent initiators for the ROP of cyclic esters
LF Sánchez-Barba, A Garcés, M Fajardo, C Alonso-Moreno, ...
Organometallics 26 (25), 6403-6411, 2007
Ring‐Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Esters by an Enantiopure Heteroscorpionate Rare Earth Initiator
A Otero, J Fernández‐Baeza, A Lara‐Sánchez, C Alonso‐Moreno, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 48 (12), 2176-2179, 2009
Stereoselective Production of Poly(rac-lactide) by ROP with Highly Efficient Bulky Heteroscorpionate Alkylmagnesium Initiators
LF Sánchez-Barba, A Garcés, J Fernández-Baeza, A Otero, ...
Organometallics 30 (10), 2775-2789, 2011
Hybrid scorpionate/cyclopentadienyl magnesium and zinc complexes: synthesis, coordination chemistry, and ring-opening polymerization studies on cyclic esters
A Garcés, LF Sánchez-Barba, C Alonso-Moreno, M Fajardo, ...
Inorganic chemistry 49 (6), 2859-2871, 2010
Simple, versatile, and efficient catalysts for guanylation of amines
C Alonso-Moreno, F Carrillo-Hermosilla, A Garcés, A Otero, ...
Organometallics 29 (12), 2789-2795, 2010
Synthesis of cyclic carbonates catalysed by aluminium heteroscorpionate complexes
J Martinez, JA Castro‐Osma, A Earlam, C Alonso‐Moreno, A Otero, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (27), 9850-9862, 2015
Discrete heteroscorpionate lithium and zinc alkyl complexes. synthesis, structural studies, and ROP of cyclic esters
C Alonso-Moreno, A Garcés, LF Sánchez-Barba, M Fajardo, ...
Organometallics 27 (6), 1310-1321, 2008
Scandium and Yttrium Complexes Supported by NNCp Heteroscorpionate Ligands: Synthesis, Structure, and Polymerization of ϵ-Caprolactone
A Otero, J Fernández-Baeza, A Antiñolo, A Lara-Sánchez, ...
Organometallics 27 (5), 976-983, 2008
Synthesis of cyclic carbonates catalysed by aluminium heteroscorpionate complexes
JA Castro-Osma, C Alonso-Moreno, A Lara-Sánchez, J Martínez, M North, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology 4 (6), 1674-1684, 2014
Neutral and cationic aluminum complexes supported by acetamidate and thioacetamidate heteroscorpionate ligands as initiators for ring-opening polymerization of cyclic esters
A Otero, A Lara-Sanchez, J Fernandez-Baeza, C Alonso-Moreno, ...
Organometallics 30 (6), 1507-1522, 2011
Modified silicas as supports for single-site zirconocene catalysts
C Alonso, A Antiñolo, F Carrillo-Hermosilla, P Carrion, A Otero, J Sancho, ...
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 220, 286, 2004
Evidence for mixed-ion clusters in metallocene catalysts: Influence on ligand exchange dynamics and catalyst activity
C Alonso-Moreno, SJ Lancaster, C Zuccaccia, A Macchioni, M Bochmann
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (30), 9282-9283, 2007
Synthesis, structural characterization and catalytic evaluation of the ring-opening polymerization of discrete five-coordinate alkyl aluminium complexes
JA Castro-Osma, C Alonso-Moreno, I Márquez-Segovia, A Otero, ...
Dalton Transactions 42 (25), 9325-9337, 2013
Ring-opening (ROP) versus ring-expansion (REP) polymerization of ε-caprolactone to give linear or cyclic polycaprolactones
JA Castro-Osma, C Alonso-Moreno, JC García-Martinez, ...
Macromolecules 46 (16), 6388-6394, 2013
Oxo-and imido-alkoxide vanadium complexes as precatalysts for the guanylation of aromatic amines
J Romero-Fernández, F Carrillo-Hermosilla, A Antiñolo, C Alonso-Moreno, ...
Dalton Transactions 39 (28), 6419-6425, 2010
Versatile Scorpionates and New Developments in the Denticity Changes of NNCp Hybrid Scorpionate/Cyclopentadienyl Ligands in Sc and Y Compounds: From κ1-Nη5-Cp to κ2-NNη5-Cp
A Otero, J Fernández-Baeza, A Lara-Sánchez, A Antinolo, J Tejeda, ...
Inorganic chemistry 47 (11), 4996-5005, 2008
Ligand Mobility and Solution Structures of the Metallocenium Ion Pairs [Me2C(Cp)(fluorenyl)MCH2SiMe3+···X] (M = Zr, Hf; X = MeB(C6F5)3, B(C6F5)4)
C Alonso-Moreno, SJ Lancaster, JA Wright, DL Hughes, C Zuccaccia, ...
Organometallics 27 (21), 5474-5487, 2008
New achiral and chiral NNE heteroscorpionate ligands. Synthesis of homoleptic lithium complexes as well as halide and alkyl scandium and yttrium complexes
A Otero, A Lara-Sánchez, J Fernández-Baeza, E Martínez-Caballero, ...
Dalton Transactions 39 (3), 930-940, 2010
One‐component aluminum (heteroscorpionate) catalysts for the formation of cyclic carbonates from epoxides and carbon dioxide
J Martínez, JA Castro‐Osma, C Alonso‐Moreno, A Rodríguez‐Diéguez, ...
ChemSusChem 10 (6), 1175-1185, 2017
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