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Salvador Fernández Arroyo
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Characterization of phenolic compounds, anthocyanidin, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of 25 varieties of Mexican Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa)
I Borrás-Linares, S Fernández-Arroyo, D Arráez-Roman, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 69, 385-394, 2015
Cistaceae aqueous extracts containing ellagitannins show antioxidant and antimicrobial capacity, and cytotoxic activity against human cancer cells
E Barrajón-Catalán, S Fernández-Arroyo, D Saura, E Guillén, ...
Food and Chemical Toxicology 48 (8-9), 2273-2282, 2010
Correlation between plasma antioxidant capacity and verbascoside levels in rats after oral administration of lemon verbena extract
L Funes, S Fernández-Arroyo, O Laporta, A Pons, E Roche, ...
Food Chemistry 117 (4), 589-598, 2009
Xenohormetic and anti-aging activity of secoiridoid polyphenols present in extra virgin olive oil: a new family of gerosuppressant agents
JA Menendez, J Joven, G Aragonès, E Barrajón-Catalán, ...
Cell Cycle 12 (4), 555-578, 2013
Synergism of plant-derived polyphenols in adipogenesis: perspectives and implications
M Herranz-López, S Fernández-Arroyo, A Pérez-Sanchez, ...
Phytomedicine 19 (3-4), 253-261, 2012
Quantification of the polyphenolic fraction and in vitro antioxidant and in vivo anti-hyperlipemic activities of Hibiscus sabdariffa aqueous extract
S Fernández-Arroyo, IC Rodríguez-Medina, R Beltrán-Debón, F Pasini, ...
Food research international 44 (5), 1490-1495, 2011
HPLC–ESI-Q-TOF-MS for a comprehensive characterization of bioactive phenolic compounds in cucumber whole fruit extract
IM Abu-Reidah, D Arráez-Román, R Quirantes-Piné, S Fernández-Arroyo, ...
Food Research International 46 (1), 108-117, 2012
A systematic study of the polyphenolic composition of aqueous extracts deriving from several Cistus genus species: evolutionary relationship
E Barrajón‐Catalán, S Fernández‐Arroyo, C Roldán, E Guillén, D Saura, ...
Phytochemical Analysis 22 (4), 303-312, 2011
Comprehensive characterization by UHPLC-ESI-Q-TOF-MS from an Eryngium bourgatii extract and their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities
M de la Luz Cádiz-Gurrea, S Fernández-Arroyo, J Joven, ...
Food Research International 50 (1), 197-204, 2013
Isolation, comprehensive characterization and antioxidant activities of Theobroma cacao extract
ML Cádiz-Gurrea, J Lozano-Sanchez, M Contreras-Gámez, ...
Journal of Functional Foods 10, 485-498, 2014
Bioavailability study of a polyphenol‐enriched extract from Hibiscus sabdariffa in rats and associated antioxidant status
S Fernández‐Arroyo, M Herranz‐López, R Beltrán‐Debón, ...
Molecular nutrition & food research 56 (10), 1590-1595, 2012
Mapping of the circulating metabolome reveals α-ketoglutarate as a predictor of morbid obesity-associated non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
E Rodríguez-Gallego, M Guirro, M Riera-Borrull, A Hernandez-Aguilera, ...
International journal of obesity 39 (2), 279-287, 2015
Reshaping of human macrophage polarization through modulation of glucose catabolic pathways
E Izquierdo, VD Cuevas, S Fernández-Arroyo, M Riera-Borrull, ...
The Journal of Immunology 195 (5), 2442-2451, 2015
Acquired resistance to metformin in breast cancer cells triggers transcriptome reprogramming toward a degradome-related metastatic stem-like profile
C Oliveras-Ferraros, A Vazquez-Martin, E Cuyas, B Corominas-Faja, ...
Cell cycle 13 (7), 1132-1144, 2014
Hibiscus sabdariffa extract lowers blood pressure and improves endothelial function
J Joven, I March, E Espinel, S Fernández‐Arroyo, E Rodríguez‐Gallego, ...
Molecular nutrition & food research 58 (6), 1374-1378, 2014
High‐performance liquid chromatography with diode array detection coupled to electrospray time‐of‐flight and ion‐trap tandem mass spectrometry to identify phenolic compounds …
S Fernández‐Arroyo, E Barrajón‐Catalán, V Micol, A Segura‐Carretero, ...
Phytochemical Analysis 21 (4), 307-313, 2010
Cocoa and grape seed byproducts as a source of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory proanthocyanidins
MDLL Cádiz-Gurrea, I Borrás-Linares, J Lozano-Sánchez, J Joven, ...
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Mitophagy-driven mitochondrial rejuvenation regulates stem cell fate
A Vazquez-Martin, C Van den Haute, S Cufí, B Corominas-Faja, E Cuyàs, ...
Aging (Albany NY) 8 (7), 1330, 2016
Metformin regulates global DNA methylation via mitochondrial one-carbon metabolism
E Cuyàs, S Fernández-Arroyo, S Verdura, RÁF García, J Stursa, L Werner, ...
Oncogene 37 (7), 963-970, 2018
Pine bark and green tea concentrated extracts: antioxidant activity and comprehensive characterization of bioactive compounds by HPLC–ESI-QTOF-MS
M de la Luz Cádiz-Gurrea, S Fernández-Arroyo, A Segura-Carretero
International journal of molecular sciences 15 (11), 20382-20402, 2014
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