Manuel Doblare
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Modelling bone tissue fracture and healing: a review
M Doblaré, JM Garcıa, MJ Gómez
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JC Simo, N Tarnow, M Doblare
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M Doblaré, JM Garcıa
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Overview and recent advances in natural neighbour Galerkin methods
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Mechanical stresses in abdominal aortic aneurysms: influence of diameter, asymmetry, and material anisotropy
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Biomechanical modeling of refractive corneal surgery
V AlastruÃ, B Calvo, E Peña, M DoblarÃ
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Why lateral meniscectomy is more dangerous than medial meniscectomy. A finite element study
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An uncoupled directional damage model for fibred biological soft tissues. Formulation and computational aspects
B Calvo, E Peña, MA Martinez, M Doblaré
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A finite element model to accurately predict real deformations of the breast
AP Del Palomar, B Calvo, J Herrero, J López, M Doblaré
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B Seral, JM Garcı́a, J Cegonino, M Doblare, F Seral
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JM Garcia-Aznar, T Rüberg, M Doblare
Biomechanics and modeling in mechanobiology 4 (2-3), 147-167, 2005
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