David Díaz López
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Long-lasting changes in the anatomy of the olfactory bulb after ionizing irradiation and bone marrow transplantation
D Díaz, JS Recio, FC Baltanás, C Gómez, E Weruaga, JR Alonso
Neuroscience 173, 190-205, 2011
Mild cerebellar neurodegeneration of aged heterozygous PCD mice increases cell fusion of Purkinje and bone marrow-derived cells
D Díaz, JS Recio, E Weruaga, JR Alonso
Cell transplantation 21 (7), 1595-1602, 2012
Bone marrow contributes simultaneously to different neural types in the central nervous system through different mechanisms of plasticity
JS Recio, M Alvarez-Dolado, D Díaz, FC Baltanás, M Piquer-Gil, ...
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Sexual dimorphic stages affect both proliferation and serotonergic innervation in the adult rostral migratory stream
D Diaz, J Valero, C Airado, FC Baltanas, E Weruaga, JR Alonso
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Anosmin-1 over-expression increases adult neurogenesis in the subventricular zone and neuroblast migration to the olfactory bulb
D García-González, V Murcia-Belmonte, PF Esteban, F Ortega, D Díaz, ...
Brain Structure and Function 221 (1), 239-260, 2016
Functional redundancy of Sos1 and Sos2 for lymphopoiesis and organismal homeostasis and survival
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The olfactory system as a puzzle: playing with its pieces
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Bone marrow cell transplantation restores olfaction in the degenerated olfactory bulb
D Díaz, G Lepousez, G Gheusi, JR Alonso, PM Lledo, E Weruaga
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Differential glial activation during the degeneration of Purkinje cells and mitral cells in the PCD mutant mice
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Chemical heterogeneity of the periglomerular neurons in the olfactory bulb. A review
FC Baltanas, E Weruaga, C Airado, J Valero, JS Recio, D Díaz, JR Alonso
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Bone Marrow–Derived Stem Cells and Strategies for Treatment of Nervous System Disorders: Many Protocols, and Many Results
D Díaz, R Muñoz-Castañeda, JR Alonso, E Weruaga
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Distribution of neurocalcin-containing neurons reveals sexual dimorphism in the mouse olfactory bulb
AR Murias, E Weruaga, JS Recio, C Airado, D Diaz, JR Alonso
Chemical senses 32 (7), 673-680, 2007
Sex-influence of nicotine and nitric oxide on motor coordination and anxiety-related neurophysiological responses
R Muñoz-Castañeda, D Díaz, CA Ávila-Zarza, JR Alonso, E Weruaga
Psychopharmacology 231 (4), 695-706, 2014
Types of cholecystokinin‐containing periglomerular cells in the mouse olfactory bulb
FC Baltanás, GG Curto, C Gómez, D Díaz, AR Murias, C Crespo, F Erdelyi, ...
Journal of neuroscience research 89 (1), 35-43, 2011
Olfactory bulb plasticity ensures proper olfaction after severe impairment in postnatal neurogenesis
D Díaz, R Muñoz-Castañeda, C Ávila-Zarza, J Carretero, JR Alonso, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 5654, 2017
Changes in the serotonergic system and in brain-derived neurotrophic factor distribution in the main olfactory bulb of pcd mice before and after mitral cell loss
C Gómez, GG Curto, FC Baltanas, J Valero, E O'Shea, MI Colado, D Diaz, ...
Neuroscience 201, 20-33, 2012
Striatal NOS1 has dimorphic expression and activity under stress and nicotine sensitization
D Díaz, AR Murias, CA Ávila-Zarza, R Muñoz-Castañeda, J Aijón, ...
European Neuropsychopharmacology 25 (10), 1683-1694, 2015
Bone marrow transplantation for research and regenerative therapies in the central nervous system
D Díaz, JR Alonso, E Weruaga
Neuronal Cell Death, 317-325, 2015
Bone marrow transplantation improves motor activity in a mouse model of ataxia
D Díaz, M Piquer‐Gil, JS Recio, MM Martínez‐Losa, JR Alonso, ...
Journal of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine 12 (4), e1950-e1961, 2018
Terapia celular en el sistema nervioso central: recuperación estructural y funcional en un modelo murino de muerte neuronal selectiva
DD López
Universidad de Salamanca, 2011
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