Alex Bredariol Grilo
Alex Bredariol Grilo
CNRS, LIP6, Sorbonne Université
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Citada per
Verifier-on-a-Leash: New Schemes for Verifiable Delegated Quantum Computation, with Quasilinear Resources
A Coladangelo, AB Grilo, S Jeffery, T Vidick
Annual International Conference on the Theory and Applications of …, 2019
Learning with Errors is easy with quantum samples
AB Grilo, I Kerenidis, T Zijlstra
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QMA-hardness of Consistency of Local Density Matrices with Applications to Quantum Zero-Knowledge
A Broadbent, AB Grilo
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A Simple Protocol for Verifiable Delegation of Quantum Computation in One Round
AB Grilo
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AB Grilo, I Kerenidis, J Sikora
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Quantum statistical query learning
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Stoquastic PCP vs. Randomness
D Aharonov, AB Grilo
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Perfect zero knowledge for quantum multiprover interactive proofs
AB Grilo, W Slofstra, H Yuen
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Quantum hardness of learning shallow classical circuits
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Pointer Quantum PCPs and Multi-Prover Games
AB Grilo, I Kerenidis, A Pereszlényi
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ALGAe: A test-bench environment for a genetic algorithm-based multiple sequence aligner
SJR Ordine, AB Grilo, AAM Almeida, Z Dias
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Two combinatorial MA-complete problems
D Aharonov, AB Grilo
12th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science Conference (ITCS 2021) 185 …, 2021
Tight adaptive reprogramming in the QROM
AB Grilo, K Hövelmann, A Hülsing, C Majenz
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StoqMA vs. MA: the power of error reduction
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Computação quântica e teoria de computação
AB Grilo
[sn], 2014
On-State Commutativity of Measurements and Joint Distributions of Their Outcomes
J Czajkowski, AB Grilo
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Quantum learning algorithms imply circuit lower bounds
S Arunachalam, AB Grilo, T Gur, IC Oliveira, A Sundaram
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Oblivious Transfer is in MiniQCrypt
AB Grilo, H Lin, F Song, V Vaikuntanathan
arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.14980, 2020
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