Frank Otto Gombert
Frank Otto Gombert
GPRS Gombert Pharma Research Solutiuons, CH 4053 Basel, Switzerland
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Peptidomimetic antibiotics target outer-membrane biogenesis in Pseudomonas aeruginosa
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Template-fixed beta-hairpin peptidomimetics with protease inhibitory activity
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US Patent 10,100,084, 2018
Template-fixed peptidomimetics
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US Patent 10,144,765, 2018
Template-fixed beta-hairpin peptidomimetics with CXCR4 antagonizing activity
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Synthetic peptide segments from the Escherichia coli porin OmpF constitute leukocyte activators.
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Template-fixed beta-hairpin peptidomimetics with protease inhibitory activity
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Alanine and D-amino acid scan of human parathyroid hormone
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Template-fixed peptidomimetics with CXCR7 modulating activity
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Beta-hairpin peptidomimetics having CXCR4 antagonizing activity
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US Patent 8,865,656, 2014
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