Quim Llimona
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Enriched Multimodal Representations of Music Performances: Online Access and Visualization
E Maestre, P Papiotis, M Marchini, Q Llimona, O Mayor, A Pérez, ...
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repoVizz: a framework for remote storage, browsing, annotation, and exchange of multi-modal data
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Effect of gender and call duration on customer satisfaction in call center big data
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Tangible embedded linux
E Berdahl, Q Llimona
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End-to-end FEL beam stability simulation engine
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Observed differences in rhythm between performances of classical and jazz violin students
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Enriched multimodal representations of music performances: online access and visualization
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Exploring Simulation-Based Playability Metrics of 9 Perceptually Evaluated Violins
Q Llimona, C Saitis, E Maestre, G Scavone
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Playability of a bowed string physical model including finite-width thermal friction and hair dynamics
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Bowing the violin: a case study for auditory-motor pattern modelling in the context of music performance
Q Llimona Torras
Repovizz: multimodal online database and visualization tool
Q Llimona
1st Web Audio Conference, 2015
Playability study of a bowed string physical model including finite-width thermal friction and hair dynamics
Q Llimona
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2015
Bowing the violin: A case study for auditory-motor patterning in the context of music performance
Q Llimona
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2014
New generation of LLRF and beam-based feedback stability models
AR C. Serrano, J. Byrd, L. R. Doolittle, D. Driver, G. Huang, Q. Llimona, A ...
LLRF13 Workshop, Lake Tahoe, California, USA, Abstract 78, 2013
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