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Comparative description of ten transcriptomes of newly sequenced invertebrates and efficiency estimation of genomic sampling in non-model taxa
A Riesgo, SCS Andrade, PP Sharma, M Novo, AR Pérez-Porro, V Vahtera, ...
Frontiers in zoology 9 (1), 33, 2012
Articulating “archiannelids”: Phylogenomics and annelid relationships, with emphasis on meiofaunal taxa
S Andrade, M Novo, GY Kawauchi, K Worsaae, F Pleijel, G Giribet, ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution 32 (11), 2860-2875, 2015
Cryptic speciation of hormogastrid earthworms revealed by mitochondrial and nuclear data
M Novo, A Almodóvar, R Fernández, D Trigo, DJ Díaz Cosín
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 56 (1), 507-512, 2010
High genetic divergence of hormogastrid earthworms (Annelida, Oligochaeta) in the central Iberian Peninsula: evolutionary and demographic implications
M Novo, A Almodóvar, DJ Díaz‐Cosín
Zoologica Scripta 38 (5), 537-552, 2009
Global distribution of earthworm diversity
HRP Phillips, CA Guerra, MLC Bartz, MJI Briones, G Brown, TW Crowther, ...
Science 366 (6464), 480-485, 2019
Understanding the biogeography of a group of earthworms in the Mediterranean basin—The phylogenetic puzzle of Hormogastridae (Clitellata: Oligochaeta)
M Novo, A Almodóvar, R Fernández, G Giribet, DJD Cosín
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 61 (1), 125-135, 2011
Different routes, same pathways: Molecular mechanisms under silver ion and nanoparticle exposures in the soil sentinel Eisenia fetida
M Novo, E Lahive, M Díez-Ortiz, M Matzke, AJ Morgan, DJ Spurgeon, ...
Environmental Pollution 205, 385-393, 2015
Relationships among spatial distribution of soil microarthropods, earthworm species and soil properties
M Gutiérrez-López, JB Jesús, D Trigo, R Fernández, M Novo, ...
Pedobiologia 53 (6), 381-389, 2010
Adding complexity to the complex: new insights into the phylogeny, diversification and origin of parthenogenesis in the Aporrectodea caliginosa species complex (Oligochaeta …
R Fernández, A Almodóvar, M Novo, B Simancas, DJD Cosín
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 64 (2), 368-379, 2012
A vagrant clone in a peregrine species: phylogeography, high clonal diversity and geographical distribution in the earthworm Aporrectodea trapezoides (Dugès, 1828)
R Fernández, A Almodóvar, M Novo, M Gutiérrez, DJD Cosín
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 43 (10), 2085-2093, 2011
Reproduction of earthworms: sexual selection and parthenogenesis
DJD Cosín, M Novo, R Fernández
Biology of Earthworms, 69-86, 2011
Appearances can be deceptive: different diversification patterns within a group of Mediterranean earthworms (Oligochaeta, Hormogastridae)
M Novo, A Almodovar, R Fernandez, D Trigo, DJ DÍAZ‐COSÍN, G Giribet
Molecular Ecology 21 (15), 3776-3793, 2012
Multiple introductions and environmental factors affecting the establishment of invasive species on a volcanic island
M Novo, L Cunha, A Maceda-Veiga, JA Talavera, ME Hodson, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 85, 89-100, 2015
Geostatistical and multivariate analysis of the horizontal distribution of an earthworm community in El Molar (Madrid, Spain)
P Hernández, R Fernández, M Novo, D Trigo, DJ Díaz Cosín
Pedobiologia 51 (1), 13-21, 2007
Life cycle and reproductive traits of the earthworm Aporrectodea trapezoides (Dugès, 1828) in laboratory cultures
R Fernandez, M Novo, M Gutierrez, A Almodovar, DJD Cosín
Pedobiologia 53 (5), 295-299, 2010
Inferring the ancestral sexuality and reproductive condition in sponges (Porifera)
A Riesgo, M Novo, PP Sharma, M Peterson, M Maldonado, G Giribet
Zoologica Scripta 43 (1), 101-117, 2014
Pheromone evolution, reproductive genes, and comparative transcriptomics in Mediterranean earthworms (Annelida, Oligochaeta, Hormogastridae)
M Novo, A Riesgo, A Fernández-Guerra, G Giribet
Molecular biology and evolution 30 (7), 1614-1629, 2013
Mate choice of an endogeic earthworm revealed by microsatellite markers
M Novo, A Almodóvar, RM Fernández, M Gutiérrez, DJ Díaz Cosín
Pedobiologia 53 (6), 375-379, 2010
Diversification patterns in cosmopolitan earthworms: similar mode but different tempo
R Fernández, M Novo, DF Marchán, DJD Cosín
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 94, 701-708, 2016
Does the invasion of the exotic tree Ailanthus altissima affect the soil arthropod community? The case of a riparian forest of the Henares River (Madrid)
M Gutiérrez-López, E Ranera, M Novo, R Fernández, D Trigo
European Journal of Soil Biology 62, 39-48, 2014
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