Raymond Hemmecke
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Effective lattice point counting in rational convex polytopes
JA De Loera, R Hemmecke, J Tauzer, R Yoshida
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Nonlinear integer programming
R Hemmecke, M Köppe, J Lee, R Weismantel
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Algebraic and geometric ideas in the theory of discrete optimization
JA De Loera, R Hemmecke, K Matthias
SIAM, 2013
Algebraic and geometric ideas in the theory of discrete optimization
JA De Loera, R Hemmecke, K Matthias
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N-fold integer programming
JA De Loera, R Hemmecke, S Onn, R Weismantel
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A polynomial oracle-time algorithm for convex integer minimization
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Integer polynomial optimization in fixed dimension
JA De Loera, R Hemmecke, M Köppe, R Weismantel
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On the computation of Hilbert bases of cones
R Hemmecke
Mathematical software, 307-317, 2002
Short rational functions for toric algebra and applications
JA De Loera, D Haws, R Hemmecke, P Huggins, B Sturmfels, R Yoshida
Journal of Symbolic Computation 38 (2), 959-973, 2004
Decomposition of test sets in stochastic integer programming
R Hemmecke, R Schultz
Mathematical Programming 94 (2-3), 323-341, 2003
A decomposition algorithm applied to planning the interdiction of stochastic networks
H Held, R Hemmecke, DL Woodruff
Naval Research Logistics (NRL) 52 (4), 321-328, 2005
4ti2 version 1.2—computation of Hilbert bases, Graver bases, toric Gröbner bases, and more
R Hemmecke, R Hemmecke, P Malkin
Interdicting stochastic networks with binary interdiction effort
R Hemmecke, R Schultz, DL Woodruff
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Computing generating sets of lattice ideals and Markov bases of lattices
R Hemmecke, PN Malkin
Journal of Symbolic Computation 44 (10), 1463-1476, 2009
Decomposition methods for two-stage stochastic integer programs
R Hemmecke, R Schultz
Online optimization of large scale systems, 601-622, 2001
n-Fold integer programming in cubic time
R Hemmecke, S Onn, L Romanchuk
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Characteristic imsets for learning Bayesian network structure
R Hemmecke, S Lindner, M Studený
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning 53 (9), 1336-1349, 2012
Challenging computations of Hilbert bases of cones associated with algebraic statistics
W Bruns, R Hemmecke, B Ichim, M Köppe, C Söger
Experimental Mathematics 20 (1), 25-33, 2011
Pareto optima of multicriteria integer linear programs
JA De Loera, R Hemmecke, M Köppe
INFORMS Journal on Computing 21 (1), 39-48, 2009
Polyhedral cones of magic cubes and squares
M Ahmed, J De Loera, R Hemmecke
Discrete and computational geometry, 25-41, 2003
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