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Additive manufacturing of metallic components–process, structure and properties
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Free radical scavenging behavior of folic acid: evidence for possible antioxidant activity
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An improved prediction of residual stresses and distortion in additive manufacturing
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Camptothecin induced mitochondrial dysfunction leading to programmed cell death in unicellular hemoflagellate Leishmania donovani
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Effect of Solvent on the Excited‐state Photophysical Properties of Curcumin¶
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PVP-stabilized copper nanoparticles: A reusable catalyst for “click” reaction between terminal alkynes and azides in nonaqueous solvents
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Building blocks for a digital twin of additive manufacturing
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Mitigation of thermal distortion during additive manufacturing
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Scripta materialia 127, 79-83, 2017
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