Clément Zanolli
Clément Zanolli
CNRS Researcher, Laboratory PACEA, UMR 5199, University of Bordeaux (France)
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The late early pleistocene human dental remains from Uadi Aalad and Mulhuli-Amo (Buia), Eritrean Danakil: macromorphology and microstructure
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Additional evidence for morpho-dimensional tooth crown variation in a new Indonesian H. erectus sample from the Sangiran Dome (Central Java)
C Zanolli
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The ICTP-Elettra X-ray laboratory for cultural heritage and archaeology
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Molar crown inner structural organization in Javanese Homo erectus
C Zanolli
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Gestation length, mode of delivery, and neonatal line-thickness variation
C Zanolli, L Bondioli, F Manni, P Rossi, R Macchiarelli
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Endostructural characterization of the H. heidelbergensis dental remains from the early Middle Pleistocene site of Tighenif, Algeria
C Zanolli, A Mazurier
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11 From outer to inner structural morphology in dental anthropology: integration of the third dimension in the visualization and quantitative analysis of fossil remains
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Brief communication: two human fossil deciduous molars from the Sangiran Dome (Java, Indonesia): outer and inner morphology
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Three-dimensional imaging and quantitative characterization of human fossil remains. Examples from the NESPOS database
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Nature 568 (7751), 181, 2019
Ouranopithecus macedoniensis (Mammalia, Primates, Hominoidea): virtual reconstruction and 3D analysis of a juvenile mandibular dentition (RPl-82 and RPl-83)
R MacChiarelli, A Mazurier, B Illerhaus, C Zanolli
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Enamel thickness and enamel growth in Oreopithecus: Combining microtomographic and histological evidence
C Zanolli, C Dean, L Rook, L Bondioli, A Mazurier, R Macchiarelli
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New dental remains of Anoiapithecus and the first appearance datum of hominoids in the Iberian Peninsula
DM Alba, J Fortuny, MP de los Ríos, C Zanolli, S Almécija, ...
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Neutron microtomography‐based virtual extraction and analysis of a cercopithecoid partial cranium (STS 1039) embedded in a breccia fragment from sterkfontein member 4 (South …
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Inner tooth morphology of Homo erectus from Zhoukoudian. New evidence from an old collection housed at Uppsala University, Sweden
C Zanolli, L Pan, J Dumoncel, O Kullmer, M Kundrat, W Liu, ...
Journal of human evolution 116, 1-13, 2018
The early Pleistocene deciduous hominid molar FS‐72 from the Sangiran dome of java, Indonesia: A taxonomic reappraisal based on its comparative endostructural characterization
C Zanolli, FE Grine, O Kullmer, F Schrenk, R Macchiarelli
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Neanderthal and Denisova tooth protein variants in present-day humans
C Zanolli, M Hourset, R Esclassan, C Mollereau
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Stratigraphic context and paleoenvironmental significance of minor taxa (Pisces, Reptilia, Aves, Rodentia) from the late Early Pleistocene paleoanthropological site of Buia …
L Rook, M Ghinassi, G Carnevale, M Delfino, M Pavia, L Bondioli, ...
Journal of human evolution 64 (1), 83-92, 2013
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