Juan Manuel Herrera Martinez
Juan Manuel Herrera Martinez
Associate Professor, University of Granada
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Reversible Photoinduced Magnetic Properties in the Heptanuclear Complex [MoIV(CN)2(CNCuL)6]8+: A Photomagnetic High‐Spin Molecule
JM Herrera, V Marvaud, M Verdaguer, J Marrot, M Kalisz, C Mathoniere
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Structural and Photophysical Properties of Coordination Networks Combining [Ru(Bpym)(CN)4]2- or [{Ru(CN)4}2(μ-bpym)]4- Anions (bpym = 2,2 …
JM Herrera, SJA Pope, H Adams, S Faulkner, MD Ward
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Dilution-Triggered SMM Behavior under Zero Field in a Luminescent Zn2Dy2 Tetranuclear Complex Incorporating Carbonato-Bridging Ligands Derived from Atmospheric CO …
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Bifunctional ZnIILnIII Dinuclear Complexes Combining Field Induced SMM Behavior and Luminescence: Enhanced NIR Lanthanide Emission by 9-Anthracene …
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Studies on bifunctional Fe (II)-triazole spin crossover nanoparticles: Time-dependent luminescence, surface grafting and the effect of a silica shell and hydrostatic pressure …
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Three-dimensional bimetallic octacyanidometalates [MIV{(μ-CN)4MnII(H2O)2}2·4H2O]n (M = Nb, Mo, W): Synthesis, single-crystal X-ray diffraction and …
JM Herrera, P Franz, R Podgajny, M Pilkington, M Biner, S Decurtins, ...
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Designing a Dy2 Single-Molecule Magnet with Two Well-Differentiated Relaxation Processes by Using a Nonsymmetric Bis-bidentate Bipyrimidine-N-Oxide …
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High Spin and Anisotropic Molecules Based on Polycyanometalate Chemistry
CD Valérie Marvaud, Juan M. Herrera, Thomas Barilero, Fabien Tuyeras, Raquel ...
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Thermochromic sensor design based on Fe (II) spin crossover/polymers hybrid materials and artificial neural networks as a tool in modelling
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Heterometallic Zn3Ln3 Ensembles Containing (μ6‐CO3) Ligand and Triangular Disposition of Ln3+ ions: Analysis of Single‐Molecule Toroic (SMT) and Single …
J Goura, E Colacio, JM Herrera, EA Suturina, I Kuprov, Y Lan, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (65), 16621-16636, 2017
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