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Ionic liquids as advanced lubricant fluids
MD Bermúdez, AE Jiménez, J Sanes, FJ Carrión
Molecules 14 (8), 2888-2908, 2009
Ionic liquids as lubricants of polystyrene and polyamide 6-steel contacts. Preparation and properties of new polymer-ionic liquid dispersions
J Sanes, FJ Carrion, MD Bermudez, G Martinez-Nicolas
Tribology Letters 21 (2), 121, 2006
Effect of the addition of room temperature ionic liquid and ZnO nanoparticles on the wear and scratch resistance of epoxy resin
J Sanes, FJ Carrión, MD Bermúdez
Wear 268 (11-12), 1295-1302, 2010
Influence of ZnO nanoparticle filler on the properties and wear resistance of polycarbonate
FJ Carrion, J Sanes, MD Bermúdez
Wear 262 (11-12), 1504-1510, 2007
Liquid crystals in tribology
FJ Carrión, G Martínez-Nicolás, P Iglesias, J Sanes, MD Bermúdez
International journal of molecular sciences 10 (9), 4102-4115, 2009
Ultra-low friction with a protic ionic liquid boundary film at the water-lubricated sapphire–stainless steel interface
T Espinosa, M Jiménez, J Sanes, AE Jiménez, M Iglesias, MD Bermúdez
Tribology Letters 53 (1), 1-9, 2014
Effect of ionic liquid on the structure and tribological properties of polycarbonate–zinc oxide nanodispersion
FJ Carrion, J Sanes, MD Bermudez
Materials Letters 61 (23-24), 4531-4535, 2007
Influence of temperature on PA 6–steel contacts in the presence of an ionic liquid lubricant
J Sanes, FJ Carrion, AE Jimenez, MD Bermudez
Wear 263 (1-6), 658-662, 2007
Surface interactions, corrosion processes and lubricating performance of protic and aprotic ionic liquids with OFHC copper
T Espinosa, J Sanes, AE Jiménez, MD Bermúdez
Applied Surface Science 273, 578-597, 2013
Single-walled carbon nanotubes modified by ionic liquid as antiwear additives of thermoplastics
FJ Carrión, C Espejo, J Sanes, MD Bermúdez
Composites Science and Technology 70 (15), 2160-2167, 2010
Scratch resistance of polycarbonate containing ZnO nanoparticles: effects of sliding direction
MD Bermúdez, W Brostow, FJ Carrión-Vilches, J Sanes
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 10 (10), 6683-6689, 2010
Effect of graphene and ionic liquid additives on the tribological performance of epoxy resin
N Saurín, J Sanes, MD Bermúdez
Tribology Letters 56 (1), 133-142, 2014
Protic ammonium carboxylate ionic liquid lubricants of OFHC copper
T Espinosa, J Sanes, AE Jiménez, MD Bermúdez
Wear 303 (1-2), 495-509, 2013
New single-walled carbon nanotubes–ionic liquid lubricant. Application to polycarbonate–stainless steel sliding contact
FJ Carrión, J Sanes, MD Bermúdez, A Arribas
Tribology Letters 41 (1), 199-207, 2011
New epoxy-ionic liquid dispersions. Room temperature ionic liquid as lubricant of epoxy resin-stainless steel contacts
J Sanes, FJ Carrión-Vilches, MD Bermúdez
e-Polymers 7 (1), 2007
Abrasive wear under multiscratching of polystyrene+ single-walled carbon nanotube nanocomposites. Effect of sliding direction and modification by ionic liquid
MD Bermúdez, FJ Carrión, C Espejo, E Martínez-López, J Sanes
Applied Surface Science 257 (21), 9073-9081, 2011
Surface damage of mold steel and its influence on surface roughness of injection molded plastic parts
I Martínez-Mateo, FJ Carrión-Vilches, J Sanes, MD Bermúdez
Wear 271 (9-10), 2512-2516, 2011
Synergy between single-walled carbon nanotubes and ionic liquid in epoxy resin nanocomposites
J Sanes, N Saurín, FJ Carrión, G Ojados, MD Bermudez
Composites Part B: Engineering 105, 149-159, 2016
Study of the effect of tribo-materials and surface finish on the lubricant performance of new halogen-free room temperature ionic liquids
N Saurín, I Minami, J Sanes, MD Bermúdez
Applied Surface Science 366, 464-474, 2016
New graphene/ionic liquid nanolubricants
N Saurín, J Sanes, MD Bermúdez
Materials Today: Proceedings 3, S227-S232, 2016
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