Nicolas Delfosse
Nicolas Delfosse
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Wigner function negativity and contextuality in quantum computation on rebits
N Delfosse, PA Guerin, J Bian, R Raussendorf
Physical Review X 5 (2), 021003, 2015
Contextuality as a resource for models of quantum computation with qubits
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N Delfosse
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N Delfosse
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Almost-linear time decoding algorithm for topological codes
N Delfosse, NH Nickerson
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N Delfosse, G Zémor
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N Delfosse, G Zémor
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Efficient color code decoders in dimensions from toric code decoders
A Kubica, N Delfosse
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P Das, CA Pattison, S Manne, D Carmean, K Svore, M Qureshi, ...
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Hierarchical decoding to reduce hardware requirements for quantum computing
N Delfosse
arXiv preprint arXiv:2001.11427, 2020
Optimization of the surface code design for Majorana-based qubits
R Chao, ME Beverland, N Delfosse, J Haah
Quantum 4, 352, 2020
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