Jonathan Romiguier
Jonathan Romiguier
Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution de Montpellier
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MitoFinder: Efficient automated large‐scale extraction of mitogenomic data in target enrichment phylogenomics
R Allio, A Schomaker‐Bastos, J Romiguier, F Prosdocimi, B Nabholz, ...
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Less is more in mammalian phylogenomics: AT-rich genes minimize tree conflicts and unravel the root of placental mammals
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Population genomics of eusocial insects: the costs of a vertebrate‐like effective population size
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Analytical biases associated with GC-content in molecular evolution
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K r /K c but not d N /d S correlates positively with body mass in birds, raising …
CC Weber, B Nabholz, J Romiguier, H Ellegren
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Current Biology 32 (13), 2942-2947. e4, 2022
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