Tommaso Tufarelli
Tommaso Tufarelli
Assistant Professor and Nottingham Research Fellow, University of Nottingham
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Characterizing nonclassical correlations via local quantum uncertainty
D Girolami, T Tufarelli, G Adesso
Physical review letters 110 (24), 240402, 2013
Quantum discord determines the interferometric power of quantum states
D Girolami, AM Souza, V Giovannetti, T Tufarelli, JG Filgueiras, ...
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There is more to quantum interferometry than entanglement
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Signatures of the A 2 term in ultrastrongly coupled oscillators
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Quantifying genuine multipartite correlations and their pattern complexity
D Girolami, T Tufarelli, CE Susa
Physical review letters 119 (14), 140505, 2017
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