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Measurement of the Soret and diffusion coefficients for benchmark binary mixtures by means of digital interferometry
A Mialdun, V Shevtsova
The Journal of Chemical Physics 134, 044524, 2011
Development of optical digital interferometry technique for measurement of thermodiffusion coefficients
A Mialdun, VM Shevtsova
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 51 (11), 3164-3178, 2008
A comprehensive study of diffusion, thermodiffusion, and Soret coefficients of water-isopropanol mixtures
A Mialdun, V Yasnou, V Shevtsova, A Königer, W Köhler, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 136 (24), 244512, 2012
Benchmark values for the Soret, thermodiffusion and molecular diffusion coefficients of the ternary mixture tetralin+ isobutylbenzene+ n-dodecane with 0.8-0.1-0.1 mass fraction
MM Bou-Ali, A Ahadi, DA de Mezquia, Q Galand, M Gebhardt, O Khlybov, ...
The European Physical Journal E 38 (4), 30, 2015
Experimental evidence of thermal vibrational convection in a nonuniformly heated fluid in a reduced gravity environment
A Mialdun, II Ryzhkov, DE Melnikov, V Shevtsova
Physical review letters 101 (8), 84501, 2008
Investigation of Fickian diffusion in the ternary mixture of 1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydronaphthalene, isobutylbenzene, and dodecane
A Mialdun, V Sechenyh, JC Legros, JM Ortiz De Zárate, V Shevtsova
The Journal of chemical physics 139 (10), 104903, 2013
Analysis of the Thermal Performance of SODI Instrument for DCMIX Configuration
A Mialdun, C Minetti, Y Gaponenko, V Shevtsova, F Dubois
Microgravity Science and Technology, 1-12, 2013
Diffusion, thermal diffusion, and Soret coefficients and optical contrast factors of the binary mixtures of dodecane, isobutylbenzene, and 1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydronaphthalene
M Gebhardt, W Köhler, A Mialdun, V Yasnou, V Shevtsova
The Journal of Chemical Physics 138, 114503, 2013
Experimental and theoretical study of vibration-induced thermal convection in low gravity
V Shevtsova, II Ryzhkov, DE Melnikov, YA Gaponenko, A Mialdun
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 648 (1), 53-82, 2010
Contribution to the benchmark for ternary mixtures: Measurement of the Soret, diffusion and thermodiffusion coefficients in the ternary mixture THN/IBB/nC12 with 0 …
A Mialdun, JC Legros, V Yasnou, V Sechenyh, V Shevtsova
The European Physical Journal E 38 (4), 27, 2015
The IVIDIL experiment onboard the ISS: Thermodiffusion in the presence of controlled vibrations
V Shevtsova, A Mialdun, D Melnikov, I Ryzhkov, Y Gaponenko, Z Saghir, ...
Comptes Rendus Mécanique 339 (5), 310-317, 2011
A study of heat transfer in liquid bridges near onset of instability
VM Shevtsova, A Mialdun, M Mojahed
Journal of Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics 30 (3), 261-281, 2005
Dynamics of a binary mixture subjected to a temperature gradient and oscillatory forcing
V Shevtsova, YA Gaponenko, V Sechenyh, DE Melnikov, T Lyubimova, ...
Journal of fluid mechanics 767, 290-322, 2015
Digital interferometry as a powerful tool to study the thermodiffusion effect
A Mialdun, V Shevtsova
Comptes Rendus Mécanique 339 (5), 362-368, 2011
Diffusion and Soret in Ternary Mixtures. Preparation of the DCMIX2 Experiment on the ISS
V Shevtsova, C Santos, V Sechenyh, JC Legros, A Mialdun
Microgravity Science and Technology 25 (5), 275-283, 2014
Vibrating liquids in space
S Mazzoni, V Shevtsova, A Mialdun, D Melnikov, Y Gaponenko, ...
Europhysics news 41 (6), 14-16, 2010
Investigation of Fickian diffusion in the ternary mixtures of water–ethanol–triethylene glycol and its binary pairs
JC Legros, Y Gaponenko, A Mialdun, T Triller, A Hammon, C Bauer, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (41), 27713-27725, 2015
IVIDIL: on-board g-jitters and diffusion controlled phenomena
V Shevtsova, T Lyubimova, Z Saghir, D Melnikov, Y Gaponenko, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 327 (1), 012031, 2011
Dynamics of the interface between miscible liquids subjected to horizontal vibration
YA Gaponenko, M Torregrosa, V Yasnou, A Mialdun, V Shevtsova
Journal of fluid mechanics 784, 342-372, 2015
Fickian Diffusion in Ternary Mixtures Composed by 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydronaphthalene, Isobutylbenzene, and n-Dodecane
V Sechenyh, JC Legros, A Mialdun, JM Ortiz De Zárate, V Shevtsova
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120 (3), 535-548, 2016
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