Alvaro M. Alhambra
Alvaro M. Alhambra
Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics
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Fluctuating work: From quantum thermodynamical identities to a second law equality
ÁM Alhambra, L Masanes, J Oppenheim, C Perry
Physical Review X 6 (4), 041017, 2016
Casimir forces on atoms in optical cavities
ÁM Alhambra, A Kempf, E Martín-Martínez
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Fluctuating states: What is the probability of a thermodynamical transition?
ÁM Alhambra, J Oppenheim, C Perry
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Heat-Bath Algorithmic Cooling with optimal thermalization strategies
ÁM Alhambra, M Lostaglio, C Perry
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Finite-bath corrections to the second law of thermodynamics
JG Richens, ÁM Alhambra, L Masanes
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Revivals imply quantum many-body scars
ÁM Alhambra, A Anshu, H Wilming
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Work distributions on quantum fields
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ÁM Alhambra, S Wehner, MM Wilde, MP Woods
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Dynamical maps, quantum detailed balance, and the Petz recovery map
ÁM Alhambra, MP Woods
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T Kuwahara, ÁM Alhambra, A Anshu
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Time evolution of correlation functions in quantum many-body systems
ÁM Alhambra, J Riddell, LP García-Pintos
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Fundamental limitations to local energy extraction in quantum systems
ÁM Alhambra, G Styliaris, NA Rodriguez-Briones, J Sikora, ...
Physical review letters 123 (19), 190601, 2019
Optimal Quantum Thermometry with Coarse-Grained Measurements
KV Hovhannisyan, MR Jørgensen, GT Landi, ÁM Alhambra, JB Brask, ...
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Entanglement fluctuation theorems
ÁM Alhambra, L Masanes, J Oppenheim, C Perry
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Computable R\'enyi mutual information: Area laws and correlations
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arXiv preprint arXiv:2103.01709, 2021
Locally accurate tensor networks for thermal states and time evolution
ÁM Alhambra, JI Cirac
arXiv preprint arXiv:2106.00710, 2021
Eigenstate entanglement in integrable collective spin models
M Kumari, ÁM Alhambra
arXiv preprint arXiv:2108.09866, 2021
Time-periodic dynamics generates pseudo-random unitaries
T Farshi, D Toniolo, CE González-Guillén, ÁM Alhambra, L Masanes
arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.03339, 2020
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