Paul Skrzypczyk
Paul Skrzypczyk
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The role of quantum information in thermodynamics—a topical review
J Goold, M Huber, A Riera, L del Rio, P Skrzypczyk
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 49 (14), 143001, 2016
How small can thermal machines be? The smallest possible refrigerator
N Linden, S Popescu, P Skrzypczyk
Physical review letters 105 (13), 130401, 2010
Work extraction and thermodynamics for individual quantum systems
P Skrzypczyk, AJ Short, S Popescu
Nature communications 5, 4185, 2014
Quantifying Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering
P Skrzypczyk, M Navascués, D Cavalcanti
Physical review letters 112 (18), 180404, 2014
Multidimensional quantum entanglement with large-scale integrated optics
J Wang, S Paesani, Y Ding, R Santagati, P Skrzypczyk, A Salavrakos, ...
Science 360 (6386), 285-291, 2018
Quantum steering: a review with focus on semidefinite programming
D Cavalcanti, P Skrzypczyk
Reports on Progress in Physics 80 (2), 024001, 2016
Quantum cheshire cats
Y Aharonov, S Popescu, D Rohrlich, P Skrzypczyk
New Journal of Physics 15 (11), 113015, 2013
Virtual qubits, virtual temperatures, and the foundations of thermodynamics
N Brunner, N Linden, S Popescu, P Skrzypczyk
Physical Review E 85 (5), 051117, 2012
Extractable work from correlations
M Perarnau-Llobet, KV Hovhannisyan, M Huber, P Skrzypczyk, N Brunner, ...
Physical Review X 5 (4), 041011, 2015
Nonlocality distillation and postquantum theories with trivial communication complexity
N Brunner, P Skrzypczyk
Physical Review Letters 102 (16), 160403, 2009
Entanglement enhances cooling in microscopic quantum refrigerators
N Brunner, M Huber, N Linden, S Popescu, R Silva, P Skrzypczyk
Physical Review E 89 (3), 032115, 2014
The smallest refrigerators can reach maximal efficiency
P Skrzypczyk, N Brunner, N Linden, S Popescu
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 44 (49), 492002, 2011
Closed sets of nonlocal correlations
J Allcock, N Brunner, N Linden, S Popescu, P Skrzypczyk, T Vértesi
Physical Review A 80 (6), 062107, 2009
Detection of entanglement in asymmetric quantum networks and multipartite quantum steering
D Cavalcanti, P Skrzypczyk, GH Aguilar, RV Nery, PHS Ribeiro, ...
Nature communications 6, 7941, 2015
Thermodynamics of quantum systems with multiple conserved quantities
Y Guryanova, S Popescu, AJ Short, R Silva, P Skrzypczyk
Nature communications 7, 12049, 2016
Thermodynamic cost of creating correlations
M Huber, M Perarnau-Llobet, KV Hovhannisyan, P Skrzypczyk, C Klöckl, ...
New Journal of Physics 17 (6), 065008, 2015
Hierarchy of steering criteria based on moments for all bipartite quantum systems
I Kogias, P Skrzypczyk, D Cavalcanti, A Acín, G Adesso
Physical review letters 115 (21), 210401, 2015
Emergence of quantum correlations from nonlocality swapping
P Skrzypczyk, N Brunner, S Popescu
Physical review letters 102 (11), 110402, 2009
General method for constructing local hidden variable models for entangled quantum states
D Cavalcanti, L Guerini, R Rabelo, P Skrzypczyk
Physical review letters 117 (19), 190401, 2016
Quantitative relations between measurement incompatibility, quantum steering, and nonlocality
D Cavalcanti, P Skrzypczyk
Physical Review A 93 (5), 052112, 2016
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