Larry R. Falvello
Larry R. Falvello
Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
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Di-2-pyridylmethylamine-based palladium complexes as new catalysts for Heck, Suzuki, and Sonogashira reactions in organic and aqueous solvents
C Nájera, J Gil-Moltó, S Karlström, LR Falvello
Organic Letters 5 (9), 1451-1454, 2003
DNA double helical fragment at atomic resolution
MA Viswamitra, O Kennard, PG Jones, GM Sheldrick, S Salisbury, ...
Nature 273 (5664), 687-688, 1978
Synthesis and characterization of four vanadium (II) compounds, including vanadium (II) sulfate hexahydrate and vanadium (II) saccharinates
FA Cotton, LR Falvello, R Llusar, E Libby, CA Murillo, W Schwotzer
Inorganic Chemistry 25 (19), 3423-3428, 1986
Synthesis, characterisation and crystal structure of cis-dioxomolybdenum (VI) complexes of some potentially pentadentate but functionally tridentate (ONS) donor ligands
A Rana, R Dinda, P Sengupta, S Ghosh, LR Falvello
Polyhedron 21 (9-10), 1023-1030, 2002
Heterobinuclear PtAg compounds with platinum-silver bonds unsupported by covalent bridges. Molecular structure of (C6F5) 3 (SC4H8) PtAgPPh3
FA Cotton, LR Falvello, R Usón, J Forniés, M Tomás, JM Casas, I Ara
Inorganic Chemistry 26 (9), 1366-1370, 1987
Studies on the relative stabilities of Mn (II) and Mn (III) in complexes with N4O2 donor environments: crystal structures of [Mn (pybzhz) 2] and [Mn (Ophsal)(imzH) 2] ClO4 …
S Naskar, S Biswas, D Mishra, B Adhikary, LR Falvello, T Soler, ...
Inorganica chimica acta 357 (14), 4257-4264, 2004
Synthesis and Structural Characterization of [Re2C14 (PMe2Ph) 4] n+(n= 0, 1, or 2): A Series of Complexes Possessing Metal-Metal Bond Orders of 4, 3.5, and 3 and the Dependence …
FA Cotton, KR Dunbar, LR Falvello, M Tomas, RA Walton
J. Am. Chem. Soc 105 (15), 4950-4954, 1983
Jahn–Teller effects in solid-state co-ordination chemistry
LR Falvello
Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 4463-4476, 1997
Transition metal (Mn, Co) and zinc formamidinate compounds having the basic beryllium acetate structure, and unique isomeric iron compounds
FA Cotton, LM Daniels, LR Falvello, JH Matonic, CA Murillo, X Wang, ...
Inorganica chimica acta 266 (1), 91-102, 1997
Dinuclear, metal-metal-bonded platinum (III) compounds. 1. Preparation and structure of K2 [Pt2 (SO4) 4 (OSMe2) 2]. 4H2O
FA Cotton, LR Falvello, S Han
Inorganic Chemistry 21 (7), 2889-2891, 1982
Asymmetric Synthesis of α‐Methyl α‐Amino Acids by Diastereoselective Alkylation of Optically Active 6‐Isopropyl‐3‐methyl‐2,3—dihydro‐6H‐1,4‐oxazin‐2‐ones
R Chinchilla, LR Falvello, N Galindo, C Nájera
Angewandte Chemie International Edition in English 36 (9), 995-997, 1997
Trigonal-lantern dinuclear compounds of diiron (I, II): the synthesis and characterization of two highly paramagnetic Fe2 (amidinato) 3 species with short metal-metal bonds
FA Cotton, LM Daniels, LR Falvello, JH Matonic, CA Murillo
Inorganica chimica acta 256 (2), 269-275, 1997
Synthesis, x-ray structure, and chemical reactivity of the tetranuclear cluster (NBu4) 2 [Pt2Ag2Cl4 (C6F5) 4]. X-ray structure of the binuclear compound (NBu4)[PtAgCl2 (C6F5 …
R Usón, J Forniés, B Menjón, FA Cotton, LR Falvello, M Tomás
Inorganic Chemistry 24 (26), 4651-4656, 1985
Synthesis, structure, and reactivity of some new dipyridyl and diamine-bridged dinuclear oxomolybdenum (VI) complexes
R Dinda, S Ghosh, LR Falvello, M Tomás, TCW Mak
Polyhedron 25 (12), 2375-2382, 2006
Polynuclear Homo-or Heterometallic Palladium (II)− Platinum (II) Pentafluorophenyl Complexes Containing Bridging Diphenylphosphido Ligands. 6.† Syntheses and Molecular …
LR Falvello, J Forniés, C Fortuño, A Martín, AP Martínez-Sariñena
Organometallics 16 (26), 5849-5856, 1997
A new family of semibent rhenium (V) arylimides formed by azo splitting. Structure, bonding, and electrooxidation to rhenium (VI) congeners
GK Lahiri, S Goswami, LR Falvello, A Chakravorty
Inorganic Chemistry 26 (20), 3365-3370, 1987
Four compounds containing oxo-centered trivanadium cores surrounded by six. mu.,. eta. 2-carboxylato groups
FA Cotton, MW Extine, LR Falvello, DB Lewis, GE Lewis, CA Murillo, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 25 (19), 3505-3512, 1986
Chiroptical properties of compounds containing metal-metal bonds. Syntheses, structures, and the measurement and interpretation of electronic and circular dichroism spectra of …
PA Agaskar, FA Cotton, LR Falvello, S Han
Journal of the American Chemical Society 108 (6), 1214-1223, 1986
Synthesis and Reactivity of σ-Alkynyl/P-Bonded Phosphinoalkyne Platinum Complexes toward cis-[M (C6F5) 2 (thf) 2](M= Pt, Pd)
I Ara, LR Falvello, S Fernández, J Forniés, E Lalinde, A Martín, ...
Organometallics 16 (26), 5923-5937, 1997
Tetramethyldiplatinum (III)(Pt-Pt) complexes with 2-hydroxypyridinato bridging ligands
DP Bancroft, FA Cotton, LR Falvello, W Schwotzer
Inorganic Chemistry 25 (6), 763-770, 1986
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