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The SILVA ribosomal RNA gene database project: improved data processing and web-based tools
C Quast, E Pruesse, P Yilmaz, J Gerken, T Schweer, P Yarza, J Peplies, ...
Nucleic acids research 41 (D1), D590-D596, 2012
Uniting the classification of cultured and uncultured bacteria and archaea using 16S rRNA gene sequences
P Yarza, P Yilmaz, E Pruesse, FO Glöckner, W Ludwig, KH Schleifer, ...
Nature Reviews Microbiology 12 (9), 635-645, 2014
The SILVA and “all-species living tree project (LTP)” taxonomic frameworks
P Yilmaz, LW Parfrey, P Yarza, J Gerken, E Pruesse, C Quast, T Schweer, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (D1), D643-D648, 2014
The All-Species Living Tree project: a 16S rRNA-based phylogenetic tree of all sequenced type strains
P Yarza, M Richter, J Peplies, J Euzeby, R Amann, KH Schleifer, ...
Systematic and applied microbiology 31 (4), 241-250, 2008
Update of the All-Species Living Tree Project based on 16S and 23S rRNA sequence analyses
P Yarza, W Ludwig, J Euzéby, R Amann, KH Schleifer, FO Glöckner, ...
Systematic and applied microbiology 33 (6), 291-299, 2010
25 years of serving the community with ribosomal RNA gene reference databases and tools
FO Glöckner, P Yilmaz, C Quast, J Gerken, A Beccati, A Ciuprina, G Bruns, ...
Journal of biotechnology 261, 169-176, 2017
Release LTPs104 of the all-species living tree
R Munoz, P Yarza, W Ludwig, J Euzéby, R Amann, KH Schleifer, ...
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Expanding the world of marine bacterial and archaeal clades
P Yilmaz, P Yarza, JZ Rapp, FO Glöckner
Frontiers in microbiology 6, 1524, 2016
The metavirome of a hypersaline environment
F Santos, P Yarza, V Parro, C Briones, J Antón
Environmental microbiology 12 (11), 2965-2976, 2010
Fine-scale evolution: genomic, phenotypic and ecological differentiation in two coexisting Salinibacter ruber strains
A Pena, H Teeling, J Huerta-Cepas, F Santos, P Yarza, J Brito-Echeverría, ...
The ISME Journal 4 (7), 882-895, 2010
Sequencing orphan species initiative (SOS): Filling the gaps in the 16S rRNA gene sequence database for all species with validly published names
P Yarza, C Spröer, J Swiderski, N Mrotzek, S Spring, BJ Tindall, S Gronow, ...
Systematic and Applied Microbiology 36 (1), 69-73, 2013
Taxonomic and functional metagenomic profiling of the microbial community in the anoxic sediment of a sub-saline shallow lake (Laguna de Carrizo, Central Spain)
M Ferrer, ME Guazzaroni, M Richter, A García-Salamanca, P Yarza, ...
Microbial Ecology 62 (4), 824-837, 2011
Response of sulfate‐reducing bacteria to an artificial oil‐spill in a coastal marine sediment
A Suárez‐Suárez, A López‐López, A Tovar‐Sánchez, P Yarza, A Orfila, ...
Environmental microbiology 13 (6), 1488-1499, 2011
Meeting report: GenBank microbial genomic taxonomy workshop (12–13 May, 2015)
S Federhen, R Rossello-Mora, HP Klenk, BJ Tindall, KT Konstantinidis, ...
Standards in Genomic Sciences 11 (1), 1-8, 2016
Culture-independent approaches for studying viruses from hypersaline environments
F Santos, P Yarza, V Parro, I Meseguer, R Rosselló-Móra, J Antón
Applied and environmental microbiology 78 (6), 1635-1643, 2012
Complete genome sequence of Marinobacter adhaerens type strain (HP15), a diatom-interacting marine microorganism
A Gärdes, E Kaeppel, A Shehzad, S Seebah, H Teeling, P Yarza, ...
Standards in Genomic Sciences 3 (2), 97-107, 2010
Pseudomonas arsenicoxydans sp nov., an arsenite-oxidizing strain isolated from the Atacama desert
VL Campos, C Valenzuela, P Yarza, P Kämpfer, R Vidal, C Zaror, ...
Systematic and Applied Microbiology 33 (4), 193-197, 2010
Extremely halophilic microbial communities in anaerobic sediments from a solar saltern
A López‐López, P Yarza, M Richter, A Suárez‐Suárez, J Antón, ...
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New insights into Oculina patagonica coral diseases and their associated Vibrio spp. communities
E Rubio-Portillo, P Yarza, C Penalver, AA Ramos-Esplá, J Anton
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Roadmap for naming uncultivated Archaea and Bacteria
AE Murray, J Freudenstein, S Gribaldo, R Hatzenpichler, P Hugenholtz, ...
Nature microbiology 5 (8), 987-994, 2020
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