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Andrea Melchior
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Thermodynamics of lanthanide (III) complexation in non-aqueous solvents
P Di Bernardo, A Melchior, M Tolazzi, PL Zanonato
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 256 (1-2), 328-351, 2012
SOLVERSTAT: a new utility for multipurpose analysis. An application to the investigation of dioxygenated Co (II) complex formation in dimethylsulfoxide solution
C Comuzzi, P Polese, A Melchior, R Portanova, M Tolazzi
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L Cavallo, S Del Piero, JM Ducéré, R Fedele, A Melchior, G Morini, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (11), 4412-4419, 2007
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F Endrizzi, A Melchior, M Tolazzi, L Rao
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Solvation effects on the stability of silver (I) complexes with pyridine-containing ligands studied by thermodynamic and DFT methods
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A Novel Multipurpose Excel Tool for Equilibrium Speciation Based on Newton‐Raphson Method and on a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
S Del Piero, A Melchior, P Polese, R Portanova, M Tolazzi
Annali di Chimica: Journal of Analytical, Environmental and Cultural …, 2006
Strongly circularly polarized emission from water-soluble Eu (III)-and Tb (III)-based complexes: a structural and spectroscopic study
M Leonzio, A Melchior, G Faura, M Tolazzi, F Zinna, L Di Bari, F Piccinelli
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Complex formation of N-donor ligands with group 11 monovalent ions
P Di Bernardo, A Melchior, R Portanova, M Tolazzi, PL Zanonato
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Thermodynamic and spectroscopic studies of lanthanides (III) complexation with polyamines in dimethyl sulfoxide
P Di Bernardo, PL Zanonato, A Melchior, R Portanova, M Tolazzi, ...
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Comparative study of the hydrolysis of a third-and a first-generation platinum anticancer complexes
A Melchior, E Sánchez Marcos, R R Pappalardo, JM Martínez
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Structural, optical and sensing properties of novel Eu (III) complexes with furan-and pyridine-based ligands
F Piccinelli, M Bettinelli, A Melchior, C Grazioli, M Tolazzi
Dalton Transactions 44 (1), 182-192, 2015
Nickel(II) Complexation with Nitrate in Dry [C4mim][Tf2N] Ionic Liquid: A Spectroscopic, Microcalorimetric, and Molecular Dynamics Study
A Melchior, C Gaillard, S Gràcia Lanas, M Tolazzi, I Billard, S Georg, ...
Inorganic chemistry 55 (7), 3498-3507, 2016
Interaction of d 10 metal ions with thioether ligands: a thermodynamic and theoretical study
A Melchior, E Peralta, M Valiente, C Tavagnacco, F Endrizzi, M Tolazzi
Dalton Transactions 42 (17), 6074-6082, 2013
Efficient fluoride adsorption by mesoporous hierarchical alumina microspheres
SG Lanas, M Valiente, E Aneggi, A Trovarelli, M Tolazzi, A Melchior
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Hydration of two cisplatin aqua-derivatives studied by quantum mechanics and molecular dynamics simulations
A Melchior, M Tolazzi, JM Martínez, RR Pappalardo, E Sanchez Marcos
Journal of chemical theory and computation 11 (4), 1735-1744, 2015
Accurate experimental and theoretical enthalpies of association of TiCl 4 with typical Lewis bases used in heterogeneous Ziegler–Natta catalysis
R Credendino, Y Minenkov, D Liguori, F Piemontesi, A Melchior, G Morini, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (39), 26996-27006, 2017
Using theory to reinterpret the kinetics of monofunctional platinum anticancer drugs: stacking matters
D Veclani, A Melchior, M Tolazzi, JP Cerón-Carrasco
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (43), 14024-14027, 2018
Hydration of Cisplatin Studied by an Effective Ab Initio Pair Potential Including Solute–Solvent Polarization
A Melchior, JM Martínez, RR Pappalardo, E Sanchez Marcos
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 9 (10), 4562-4573, 2013
New tris-3, 4-HOPO lanthanide complexes as potential imaging probes: complex stability and magnetic properties
AC Mendonça, AF Martins, A Melchior, SM Marques, S Chaves, S Villette, ...
Dalton Transactions 42 (17), 6046-6057, 2013
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