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Inhibitory modulation of cortical up states
MV Sanchez-Vives, M Mattia, A Compte, M Perez-Zabalza, M Winograd, ...
Journal of neurophysiology 104 (3), 1314-1324, 2010
Inhibitory modulation of cortical up states
MV Sanchez-Vives, M Mattia, A Compte, M Perez-Zabalza, M Winograd, ...
Journal of neurophysiology 104 (3), 1314-1324, 2010
Spontaneous high-frequency (10–80 Hz) oscillations during up states in the cerebral cortex in vitro
A Compte, R Reig, VF Descalzo, MA Harvey, GD Puccini, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 28 (51), 13828-13844, 2008
Multisensory integration in the mouse striatum
R Reig, G Silberberg
Neuron 83 (5), 1200-1212, 2014
Impact of cortical network activity on short-term synaptic depression
R Reig, R Gallego, LG Nowak, MV Sanchez-Vives
Cerebral Cortex 16 (5), 688-695, 2005
Temperature modulation of slow and fast cortical rhythms
R Reig, M Mattia, A Compte, C Belmonte, MV Sánchez-Vives
Journal of neurophysiology 103 (3), 1253-1261, 2009
Synaptic transmission and plasticity in an active cortical network
R Reig, MV Sanchez-Vives
PLoS One 2 (8), e670, 2007
Cortical auditory adaptation in the awake rat and the role of potassium currents
JM Abolafia, R Vergara, MM Arnold, R Reig, MV Sánchez-Vives
Cerebral Cortex 21 (5), 977-990, 2010
Effective reduced diffusion-models: a data driven approach to the analysis of neuronal dynamics
G Deco, D Martí, A Ledberg, R Reig, MVS Vives
PLoS computational biology 5 (12), e1000587, 2009
Gain modulation of synaptic inputs by network state in auditory cortex in vivo
R Reig, Y Zerlaut, R Vergara, A Destexhe, MV Sanchez-Vives
Journal of Neuroscience 35 (6), 2689-2702, 2015
Rhythmic spontaneous activity in the piriform cortex
MV Sanchez-Vives, VF Descalzo, R Reig, NA Figueroa, A Compte, ...
Cerebral cortex 18 (5), 1179-1192, 2007
Spinal glutamatergic neurons defined by EphA4 signaling are essential components of normal locomotor circuits
L Borgius, H Nishimaru, V Caldeira, Y Kunugise, P Löw, R Reig, S Itohara, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 34 (11), 3841-3853, 2014
Distinct corticostriatal and intracortical pathways mediate bilateral sensory responses in the striatum
R Reig, G Silberberg
Cerebral Cortex 26 (12), 4405-4415, 2016
Timing excitation and inhibition in the cortical network
A Compte, R Reig, MV Sanchez-Vives
Coherent Behavior in Neuronal Networks, 17-46, 2009
An active cortical network in vitro
MV Sanchez-Vives, R Reig, M Winograd, VF Descalzo
Mechanisms of spontaneous active states in neocortex, 23-44, 2007
Multi-walled carbon nanotube based multi-electrode arrays for the detection of the emergent activity in the cortical network
I Martin-Fernandez, G Gabriel, A Guimerà, X Palomer, R Reig, ...
Microelectronic Engineering 112, 14-20, 2013
A new paradigm for the reversible blockage of whisker sensory transmission
T Gener, R Reig, MV Sanchez-Vives
Journal of neuroscience methods 176 (2), 63-67, 2009
25th annual computational neuroscience meeting: CNS-2016
TO Sharpee, A Destexhe, M Kawato, V Sekulić, FK Skinner, DK Wójcik, ...
BMC Neuroscience 17 (1), 54, 2016
A New Micro-holder Device for Local Drug Delivery during In Vivo Whole-cell Recordings
M Sáez, M Ketzef, J Alegre-Cortés, R Reig, G Silberberg
Neuroscience 381, 115-123, 2018
Direct Pathway Neurons in Mouse Dorsolateral Striatum In Vivo Receive Stronger Synaptic Input than Indirect Pathway Neurons
M Filipović, M Ketzef, R Reig, A Aertsen, G Silberberg, A Kumar
bioRxiv, 651711, 2019
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