Oscar Castillo
Oscar Castillo
Profesor de Química Inorgánica, UPV/EHU
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Copper‐Based Metal–Organic Porous Materials for CO2 Electrocatalytic Reduction to Alcohols
J Albo, D Vallejo, G Beobide, O Castillo, P Castaño, A Irabien
ChemSusChem 10 (6), 1100-1109, 2017
Syntheses, Crystal Structures, and Magnetic Properties of One-Dimensional Oxalato-Bridged Co(II), Ni(II), and Cu(II) Complexes with n-Aminopyridine (n = 2−4) as …
O Castillo, A Luque, P Roman, F Lloret, M Julve
Inorganic Chemistry 40 (22), 5526-5535, 2001
Solvent‐induced delamination of a multifunctional two dimensional coordination polymer
A Gallego, C Hermosa, O Castillo, I Berlanga, CJ Gómez‐García, ...
Advanced Materials 25 (15), 2141-2146, 2013
Synthesis of heterometallic metal–organic frameworks and their performance as electrocatalyst for CO 2 reduction
M Perfecto-Irigaray, J Albo, G Beobide, O Castillo, A Irabien, ...
RSC advances 8 (38), 21092-21099, 2018
One-dimensional oxalato-bridged Cu (II), Co (II), and Zn (II) complexes with purine and adenine as terminal ligands
JP García-Terán, O Castillo, A Luque, U García-Couceiro, P Román, ...
Inorganic chemistry 43 (18), 5761-5770, 2004
An unusual 3D coordination polymer based on bridging interactions of the nucleobase adenine
JP García-Terán, O Castillo, A Luque, U García-Couceiro, P Román, ...
Inorganic chemistry 43 (15), 4549-4551, 2004
Microwave assisted hydrothermal synthesis of a novel CuI-sulfate-pyrazine MOF
P Amo-Ochoa, G Givaja, PJS Miguel, O Castillo, F Zamora
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 10 (8), 921-924, 2007
Synthesis, chemical characterization, X-ray crystal structure and magnetic properties of oxalato-bridged copper (II) binuclear complexes with 2, 2′-bipyridine and …
O Castillo, I Muga, A Luque, JM Gutierrez-Zorrilla, J Sertucha, P Vitoria, ...
Polyhedron 18 (8-9), 1235-1245, 1999
Metal–carboxylato–nucleobase systems: From supramolecular assemblies to 3D porous materials
G Beobide, O Castillo, J Cepeda, A Luque, S Pérez-Yáñez, P Román, ...
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 257 (19-20), 2716-2736, 2013
Electrical conductivity and luminescence in coordination polymers based on copper (I)-halides and sulfur-pyrimidine ligands
A Gallego, O Castillo, CJ Gomez-Garcia, F Zamora, S Delgado
Inorganic Chemistry 51 (1), 718-727, 2012
Supramolecular architectures and magnetic properties of coordination polymers based on pyrazinedicarboxylato ligands showing embedded water clusters
G Beobide, O Castillo, A Luque, U García-Couceiro, JP García-Terán, ...
Inorganic chemistry 45 (14), 5367-5382, 2006
Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Magnetic Properties of a One-Dimensional Polymeric Copper (II) Complex Containing an Unusual 1, 1 ‘-Bicoordinated Oxalato Bridge
O Castillo, A Luque, J Sertucha, P Roman, F Lloret
Inorganic Chemistry 39 (26), 6142-6144, 2000
Macroscopic Ultralight Aerogel Monoliths of Imine‐based Covalent Organic Frameworks
JÁ Martín‐Illán, D Rodríguez‐San‐Miguel, O Castillo, G Beobide, ...
Angewandte Chemie 133 (25), 14088-14096, 2021
Crystal packing and physical properties of pyridinium tetrabromocuprate (II) complexes assembled [italic v (to differentiate from Times ital nu)] ia hydrogen bonds and aromatic …
A Luque, J Sertucha, O Castillo, P Román
New Journal of Chemistry 25 (9), 1208-1214, 2001
Rational design of 2D magnetic metal− organic coordination polymers assembled from oxalato and dipyridyl spacers
U García-Couceiro, O Castillo, A Luque, JP Garcia-Teran, G Beobide, ...
Crystal growth & design 6 (8), 1839-1847, 2006
One-dimensional oxalato-bridged copper (II) complexes with 3-hydroxypyridine and 2-amino-4-methylpyridine
O Castillo, A Luque, M Julve, F Lloret, P Román
Inorganica Chimica Acta 315 (1), 9-17, 2001
A direct reaction approach for the synthesis of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks: template and temperature mediated control on network topology and crystal size
M Lanchas, D Vallejo-Sanchez, G Beobide, O Castillo, AT Aguayo, ...
Chemical Communications 48 (79), 9930-9932, 2012
Scandium/alkaline metal–organic frameworks: adsorptive properties and ionic conductivity
J Cepeda, S Pérez-Yáñez, G Beobide, O Castillo, E Goikolea, F Aguesse, ...
Chemistry of Materials 28 (8), 2519-2528, 2016
Paddle-Wheel Shaped Copper (II)-Adenine Discrete Entities As Supramolecular Building Blocks To Afford Porous Supramolecular Metal–Organic Frameworks (SMOFs)
J Thomas-Gipson, G Beobide, O Castillo, M Froeba, F Hoffmann, A Luque, ...
American Chemical Society, 2014
Lanthanide (III)/pyrimidine-4, 6-dicarboxylate/oxalate extended frameworks: a detailed study based on the lanthanide contraction and temperature effects
J Cepeda, R Balda, G Beobide, O Castillo, J Fernández, A Luque, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 50 (17), 8437-8451, 2011
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