Mónica Giménez-Marqués
Mónica Giménez-Marqués
Crystal Engineering Lab director, Ramón y Cajal Researcher at ICMol - Universitat de València
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Nanostructured metal–organic frameworks and their bio-related applications
M Giménez-Marqués, T Hidalgo, C Serre, P Horcajada
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Near Room‐Temperature Memory Devices Based on Hybrid Spin‐Crossover@SiO2 Nanoparticles Coupled to Single‐Layer Graphene Nanoelectrodes
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GraftFast surface engineering to improve MOF nanoparticles furtiveness
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Solvent-free synthesis of ZIFs: a route toward the elusive Fe (II) analogue of ZIF-8
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Influence of functionalization of terephthalate linker on the catalytic activity of UiO-66 for epoxide ring opening
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Combination of Magnetic Susceptibility and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance to Monitor the 1D to 2D Solid State Transformation in Flexible Metal–Organic Frameworks of Co (II …
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Exploring the catalytic performance of a series of bimetallic MIL-100 (Fe, Ni) MOFs
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Design of Bistable Gold@ Spin‐Crossover Core–Shell Nanoparticles Showing Large Electrical Responses for the Spin Switching
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Adaptability of the metal (III, IV) 1, 2, 3-trioxobenzene rod secondary building unit for the production of chemically stable and catalytically active MOFs
G Mouchaham, B Abeykoon, M Giménez-Marqués, S Navalon, ...
Chemical Communications 53 (54), 7661-7664, 2017
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