Guillermo Quintas Soriano
Guillermo Quintas Soriano
LEITAT Technological Center
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Dichloro-dihydro-fluorescein diacetate (DCFH-DA) assay: a quantitative method for oxidative stress assessment of nanoparticle-treated cells
A Aranda, L Sequedo, L Tolosa, G Quintas, E Burello, JV Castell, ...
Toxicology in vitro 27 (2), 954-963, 2013
Determination of peroxide-based explosives using liquid chromatography with on-line infrared detection
R Schulte-Ladbeck, A Edelmann, G Quintas, B Lendl, U Karst
Analytical chemistry 78 (23), 8150-8155, 2006
Determination of PAHs in airborne particles by accelerated solvent extraction and large-volume injection–gas chromatography–mass spectrometry
V Yusa, G Quintas, O Pardo, A Pastor, M De la Guardia
Talanta 69 (4), 807-815, 2006
Mid-infrared and Raman spectrometry for quality control of pesticide formulations
S Armenta, G Quintas, S Garrigues, M De la Guardia
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 24 (8), 772-781, 2005
Chemometric approaches to improve PLSDA model outcome for predicting human non-alcoholic fatty liver disease using UPLC-MS as a metabolic profiling tool
G Quintás, N Portillo, JC García-Cañaveras, JV Castell, A Ferrer, A Lahoz
Metabolomics 8 (1), 86-98, 2012
Automated sample preparation and analysis using a sequential-injection–capillary electrophoresis (SI–CE) interface
S Kulka, G Quintás, B Lendl
Analyst 131 (6), 739-744, 2006
Determination of acrylamide in foods by pressurized fluid extraction and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry used for a survey of Spanish cereal-based foods
V Yusà, G Quintas, O Pardo, P Martí, A Pastor
Food additives and contaminants 23 (3), 237-244, 2006
Determination of caffeine in tea samples by Fourier transform infrared spectrometry
J Ohnsmann, G Quintás, S Garrigues, M de la Guardia
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 374 (3), 561-565, 2002
A validated and fast procedure for FTIR determination of Cypermethrin and Chlorpyrifos
S Armenta, G Quintás, S Garrigues, M de la Guardia
Talanta 67 (3), 634-639, 2005
Analytical potential of mid-infrared detection in capillary electrophoresis and liquid chromatography: A review
J Kuligowski, G Quintás, M De la Guardia, B Lendl
Analytica chimica acta 679 (1-2), 31-42, 2010
Background correction and multivariate curve resolution of online liquid chromatography with infrared spectrometric detection
J Kuligowski, G Quintás, R Tauler, B Lendl, M De la Guardia
Analytical chemistry 83 (12), 4855-4862, 2011
Determination of cyromazine in pesticide commercial formulations by vibrational spectrometric procedures
S Armenta, G Quintás, S Garrigues, M de la Guardia
Analytica chimica acta 524 (1-2), 257-264, 2004
FT–Raman spectrometry determination of Malathion in pesticide formulations
G Quintás, S Garrigues, M de la Guardia
Talanta 63 (2), 345-350, 2004
Urinary lipid peroxidation byproducts: are they relevant for predicting neonatal morbidity in preterm infants?
J Kuligowski, M Aguar, D Rook, I Lliso, I Torres-Cuevas, J Escobar, ...
Antioxidants & redox signaling 23 (2), 178-184, 2015
New cut-off criterion for uninformative variable elimination in multivariate calibration of near-infrared spectra for the determination of heroin in illicit street drugs
J Moros, J Kuligowski, G Quintás, S Garrigues, M de la Guardia
Analytica chimica acta 630 (2), 150-160, 2008
Simultaneous determination of Folpet and Metalaxyl in pesticide formulations by flow injection Fourier transform infrared spectrometry
G Quintas, S Armenta, A Morales-Noe, S Garrigues, M de la Guardia
Analytica chimica acta 480 (1), 11-21, 2003
Analysis of lipid peroxidation biomarkers in extremely low gestational age neonate urines by UPLC-MS/MS
J Kuligowski, J Escobar, G Quintás, I Lliso, I Torres-Cuevas, A Nuñez, ...
Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 406 (18), 4345-4356, 2014
A rapid method for the differentiation of yeast cells grown under carbon and nitrogen-limited conditions by means of partial least squares discriminant analysis employing …
J Kuligowski, G Quintás, C Herwig, B Lendl
Talanta 99, 566-573, 2012
Direct determination of polymerised triacylglycerides in deep-frying vegetable oil by near infrared spectroscopy using Partial Least Squares regression
J Kuligowski, D Carrión, G Quintás, S Garrigues, M de la Guardia
Food Chemistry 131 (1), 353-359, 2012
Fourier transform infrared spectrometric strategies for the determination of Buprofezin in pesticide formulations
S Armenta, G Quintás, J Moros, S Garrigues, M de la Guardia
Analytica Chimica Acta 468 (1), 81-90, 2002
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