Carmen Munuera
Carmen Munuera
Researcher at Institute of Material Science of Madrid: ICMM-CSIC
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The controlled growth of oriented metal–organic frameworks on functionalized surfaces as followed by scanning force microscopy
C Munuera, O Shekhah, H Wang, C Wöll, C Ocal
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 10 (48), 7257-7261, 2008
Reversible Resistive Switching and Multilevel Recording in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 Thin Films for Low Cost Nonvolatile Memories
C Moreno, C Munuera, S Valencia, F Kronast, X Obradors, C Ocal
Nano letters 10 (10), 3828-3835, 2010
In situ X‐ray study of drying‐temperature influence on the structural evolution of bulk‐heterojunction polymer–fullerene solar cells processed by doctor‐blading
M Sanyal, B Schmidt‐Hansberg, MFG Klein, A Colsmann, C Munuera, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 1 (3), 363-367, 2011
The role of intermolecular and molecule− substrate interactions in the stability of alkanethiol nonsaturated phases on Au (111)
E Barrena, E Palacios-Lidón, C Munuera, X Torrelles, S Ferrer, U Jonas, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (1), 385-395, 2004
Berry phase modification to the energy spectrum of excitons
J Zhou, WY Shan, W Yao, D Xiao
Physical review letters 115 (16), 166803, 2015
Effect of photovoltaic polymer/fullerene blend composition ratio on microstructure evolution during film solidification investigated in real time by X-ray diffraction
M Sanyal, B Schmidt-Hansberg, MFG Klein, C Munuera, A Vorobiev, ...
Macromolecules 44 (10), 3795-3800, 2011
New insights in the c (4× 2) reconstruction of hexadecanethiol on Au (111) revealed by grazing incidence X-ray diffraction
X Torrelles, E Barrena, C Munuera, J Rius, S Ferrer, C Ocal
Langmuir 20 (21), 9396-9402, 2004
Magnetoimpedance spectroscopy of epitaxial multiferroic thin films
R Schmidt, J Ventura, E Langenberg, NM Nemes, C Munuera, M Varela, ...
Physical Review B 86 (3), 035113, 2012
Influence of the annealing atmosphere on the performance of ZnO nanowire dye-sensitized solar cells
J Fan, Y Hao, C Munuera, M Garcia-Hernandez, F Güell, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (32), 16349-16356, 2013
Self-Assembly of SrTiO3(001) Chemical-Terminations: A Route for Oxide-Nanostructure Fabrication by Selective Growth
R Bachelet, F Sánchez, J Santiso, C Munuera, C Ocal, J Fontcuberta
Chemistry of Materials 21 (12), 2494-2498, 2009
Grafting of monocarboxylic substituted polychlorotriphenylmethyl radicals onto a COOH-functionalized self-assembled monolayer through copper (II) metal ions
O Shekhah, N Roques, V Mugnaini, C Munuera, C Ocal, J Veciana, ...
Langmuir 24 (13), 6640-6648, 2008
Morphology of ZnO grown by MOCVD on sapphire substrates
C Munuera, J Zuniga-Perez, JF Rommeluere, V Sallet, R Triboulet, ...
Journal of crystal growth 264 (1-3), 70-78, 2004
Exploring the tilt-angle dependence of electron tunneling across molecular junctions of self-assembled alkanethiols
T Frederiksen, C Munuera, C Ocal, M Brandbyge, M Paulsson, ...
Acs Nano 3 (8), 2073-2080, 2009
Dramatic Influence of the Electronic Structure on the Conductivity through Open‐and Closed‐Shell Molecules
N Crivillers, C Munuera, M Mas‐Torrent, C Simão, ST Bromley, C Ocal, ...
Advanced Materials 21 (10‐11), 1177-1181, 2009
Nanomechanical properties of surface-modified titanium alloys for biomedical applications
D Cáceres, C Munuera, C Ocal, JA Jiménez, A Gutiérrez, MF López
Acta Biomaterialia 4 (5), 1545-1552, 2008
Surface elastic properties of Ti alloys modified for medical implants: A force spectroscopy study
C Munuera, TR Matzelle, N Kruse, MF López, A Gutiérrez, JA Jiménez, ...
Acta biomaterialia 3 (1), 113-119, 2007
Structure formation in low-bandgap polymer: fullerene solar cell blends in the course of solvent evaporation
B Schmidt-Hansberg, MFG Klein, M Sanyal, F Buss, GQG de Medeiros, ...
Macromolecules 45 (19), 7948-7955, 2012
Ferroelectric substrate effects on the magnetism, magnetotransport, and electroresistance of LaCaMnO thin films on BaTiO
A Alberca, C Munuera, J Tornos, FJ Mompean, N Biskup, A Ruiz, ...
Physical Review B 86 (14), 144416, 2012
Scanning force microscopy three-dimensional modes applied to conductivity measurements through linear-chain organic SAMs
C Munuera, E Barrena, C Ocal
Nanotechnology 18 (12), 125505, 2007
Quantitative electrostatic force microscopy on heterogeneous nanoscale samples
E Palacios-Lidón, J Abellán, J Colchero, C Munuera, C Ocal
Applied Physics Letters 87 (15), 154106, 2005
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