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Generation of high pressure shocks relevant to the shock-ignition intensity regime
D Batani, L Antonelli, S Atzeni, J Badziak, F Baffigi, T Chodukowski, ...
Physics of Plasmas 21 (3), 032710, 2014
Recent results from experimental studies on laser–plasma coupling in a shock ignition relevant regime
P Koester, L Antonelli, S Atzeni, J Badziak, F Baffigi, D Batani, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 55 (12), 124045, 2013
Pre-plasma effect on energy transfer from laser beam to shock wave generated in solid target
T Pisarczyk, SY Gus' kov, Z Kalinowska, J Badziak, D Batani, L Antonelli, ...
Physics of Plasmas 21 (1), 012708, 2014
Coupled hydrodynamic model for laser-plasma interaction and hot electron generation
A Colaïtis, G Duchateau, X Ribeyre, Y Maheut, G Boutoux, L Antonelli, ...
Physical Review E 92 (4), 041101, 2015
The HiPER project for inertial confinement fusion and some experimental results on advanced ignition schemes
D Batani, M Koenig, S Baton, F Perez, LA Gizzi, P Koester, L Labate, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 53 (12), 124041, 2011
Pre-plasma effect on laser beam energy transfer to a dense target under conditions relevant to shock ignition
T Pisarczyk, SY Gus' kov, O Renner, NN Demchenko, Z Kalinowska, ...
Laser and Particle Beams 33 (2), 221-236, 2015
Laser-plasma coupling in the shock-ignition intensity regime
L Antonelli, D Batani, A Patria, O Ciricosta, CA Cecchetti, P Koester, ...
Acta Tech 56, T57-T69, 2011
Development of a georeferencing software for radiological diffusion in order to improve the safety and security of first responders
R Gallo, P De Angelis, A Malizia, F Conetta, D Di Giovanni, L Antonelli, ...
Stride-science & technology research institute defence 6 (1), 21-32, 2013
Dust tracking techniques applied to the STARDUST facility: First results
A Malizia, M Camplani, M Gelfusa, I Lupelli, M Richetta, L Antonelli, ...
Fusion Engineering and Design 89 (9-10), 2098-2102, 2014
Measurement of reflectivity of spherically bent crystals using Kα signal from hot electrons produced by laser-matter interaction
L Antonelli, P Forestier-Colleoni, G Folpini, R Bouillaud, A Faenov, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 86 (7), 073507, 2015
X-ray spectroscopic characterization of shock-ignition-relevant plasmas
O Šmíd, M., Antonelli, L., Renner
Acta Polytechnica 53 (2), 946-949, 2013
Generation and characterization of warm dense matter isochorically heated by laser-induced relativistic electrons in a wire target
A Schönlein, G Boutoux, S Pikuz, L Antonelli, D Batani, A Debayle, ...
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 114 (4), 45002, 2016
Effect of nonthermal electrons on the shock formation in a laser driven plasma
P Nicolaï, JL Feugeas, T Nguyen-Bui, V Tikhonchuk, L Antonelli, D Batani, ...
Physics of Plasmas 22 (4), 042705, 2015
Suprathermal electron production in laser-irradiated Cu targets characterized by combined methods of x-ray imaging and spectroscopy
O Renner, M Šmíd, D Batani, L Antonelli
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 58 (7), 075007, 2016
Laser-driven shock waves studied by X-ray radiography
L Antonelli, S Atzeni, A Schiavi, SD Baton, E Brambrink, M Koenig, ...
Physical Review E 95 (6), 063205, 2017
Experimental observation of parametric instabilities at laser intensities relevant for shock ignition
G Cristoforetti, A Colaïtis, L Antonelli, S Atzeni, F Baffigi, D Batani, ...
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 117 (3), 35001, 2017
Image computing techniques to extrapolate data for dust tracking in case of an experimental accident simulation in a nuclear fusion plant
M Camplani, A Malizia, M Gelfusa, F Barbato, L Antonelli, LA Poggi, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 87 (1), 013504, 2016
Progress in understanding the role of hot electrons for the shock ignition approach to inertial confinement fusion
D Batani, L Antonelli, F Barbato, G Boutoux, A Colaïtis, JL Feugeas, ...
Nuclear Fusion 59 (3), 032012, 2018
Studies of ablated plasma and shocks produced in a planar target by a sub-nanosecond laser pulse of intensity relevant to shock ignition
J Badziak, L Antonelli, F Baffigi, D Batani, T Chodukowski, G Cristoforetti, ...
Laser and Particle Beams 33 (3), 561-575, 2015
Shadowgraph technique applied to STARDUST facility for dust tracking: first results
P Gaudio, A Malizia, M Camplani, F Barbato, L Antonelli, M Gelfusa, ...
Physics Procedia 62, 97-101, 2015
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