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Synthesis, characterization and activity pattern of Cu–ZnO/ZrO2 catalysts in the hydrogenation of carbon dioxide to methanol
F Arena, K Barbera, G Italiano, G Bonura, L Spadaro, F Frusteri
Journal of Catalysis 249 (2), 185-194, 2007
H2 production for MC fuel cell by steam reforming of ethanol over MgO supported Pd, Rh, Ni and Co catalysts
F Frusteri, S Freni, L Spadaro, V Chiodo, G Bonura, S Donato, ...
Catalysis Communications 5 (10), 611-615, 2004
Solid-state interactions, adsorption sites and functionality of Cu-ZnO/ZrO2 catalysts in the CO2 hydrogenation to CH3OH
F Arena, G Italiano, K Barbera, S Bordiga, G Bonura, L Spadaro, F Frusteri
Applied Catalysis A: General 350 (1), 16-23, 2008
Promoting Effect of CeO2 in Combustion Synthesized Pt/CeO2 Catalyst for CO Oxidation
P Bera, A Gayen, MS Hegde, NP Lalla, L Spadaro, F Frusteri, F Arena
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107 (25), 6122-6130, 2003
Steam reforming of bio-ethanol on alkali-doped Ni/MgO catalysts: hydrogen production for MC fuel cell
F Frusteri, S Freni, V Chiodo, L Spadaro, O Di Blasi, G Bonura, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 270 (1-2), 1-7, 2004
Production of hydrogen for MC fuel cell by steam reforming of ethanol over MgO supported Ni and Co catalysts
S Freni, S Cavallaro, N Mondello, L Spadaro, F Frusteri
Catalysis Communications 4 (6), 259-268, 2003
Catalytic etherification of glycerol by tert-butyl alcohol to produce oxygenated additives for diesel fuel
F Frusteri, F Arena, G Bonura, C Cannilla, L Spadaro, O Di Blasi
Applied Catalysis A: General 367 (1-2), 77-83, 2009
Steam reforming of ethanol on Ni/MgO catalysts: H2 production for MCFC
S Freni, S Cavallaro, N Mondello, L Spadaro, F Frusteri
Journal of Power Sources 108 (1-2), 53-57, 2002
Basic Evidence of the Molecular Dispersion of MnCeOx Catalysts Synthesized via a Novel “Redox-Precipitation” Route
F Arena, G Trunfio, J Negro, B Fazio, L Spadaro
Chemistry of materials 19 (9), 2269-2276, 2007
Effects of oxide carriers on surface functionality and process performance of the Cu–ZnO system in the synthesis of methanol via CO2 hydrogenation
F Arena, G Mezzatesta, G Zafarana, G Trunfio, F Frusteri, L Spadaro
Journal of catalysis 300, 141-151, 2013
Probing the factors affecting structure and activity of the Au/CeO2 system in total and preferential oxidation of CO
F Arena, P Famulari, G Trunfio, G Bonura, F Frusteri, L Spadaro
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 66 (1-2), 81-91, 2006
Basic evidences for methanol-synthesis catalyst design
F Arena, G Italiano, K Barbera, G Bonura, L Spadaro, F Frusteri
Catalysis Today 143 (1-2), 80-85, 2009
Metal–support interactions and reactivity of Co/CeO2 catalysts in the Fischer–Tropsch synthesis reaction
L Spadaro, F Arena, ML Granados, M Ojeda, JLG Fierro, F Frusteri
Journal of Catalysis 234 (2), 451-462, 2005
Structure and reactivity in the selective oxidation of methane to formaldehyde of low-loaded FeOx/SiO2 catalysts
F Arena, G Gatti, G Martra, S Coluccia, L Stievano, L Spadaro, P Famulari, ...
Journal of catalysis 231 (2), 365-380, 2005
Potassium improved stability of Ni/MgO in the steam reforming of ethanol for the production of hydrogen for MCFC
F Frusteri, S Freni, V Chiodo, L Spadaro, G Bonura, S Cavallaro
Journal of Power Sources 132 (1-2), 139-144, 2004
TEM evidence for factors affecting the genesis of carbon species on bare and K-promoted Ni/MgO catalysts during the dry reforming of methane
F Frusteri, L Spadaro, F Arena, A Chuvilin
Carbon 40 (7), 1063-1070, 2002
Hybrid Cu–ZnO–ZrO2/H-ZSM5 system for the direct synthesis of DME by CO2 hydrogenation
G Bonura, M Cordaro, L Spadaro, C Cannilla, F Arena, F Frusteri
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 140, 16-24, 2013
Role of the ceria promoter and carrier on the functionality of Cu-based catalysts in the CO2-to-methanol hydrogenation reaction
G Bonura, F Arena, G Mezzatesta, C Cannilla, L Spadaro, F Frusteri
Catalysis Today 171 (1), 251-256, 2011
Oxygenated additives production for diesel engine emission improvement
F Frusteri, L Spadaro, C Beatrice, C Guido
Chemical Engineering Journal 134 (1-3), 239-245, 2007
Recent advances on wet air oxidation catalysts for treatment of industrial wastewaters
F Arena, R Di Chio, B Gumina, L Spadaro, G Trunfio
Inorganica Chimica Acta 431, 101-109, 2015
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