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Zeolite films and membranes. Emerging applications
MP Pina, R Mallada, M Arruebo, M Urbiztondo, N Navascués, ...
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 144 (1-3), 19-27, 2011
Continuous zeolite membrane reactor for esterification of ethanol and acetic acid
Ó de la Iglesia, R Mallada, M Menéndez, J Coronas
Chemical Engineering Journal 131 (1-3), 35-39, 2007
Pervaporation and membrane reactor performance of polyimide based mixed matrix membranes containing MOF HKUST-1
S Sorribas, A Kudasheva, E Almendro, B Zornoza, Ó de la Iglesia, ...
Chemical Engineering Science 124, 37-44, 2015
Selective oxidations in micro-structured catalytic reactors—For gas-phase reactions and specifically for fuel processing for fuel cells
G Kolb, V Hessel, V Cominos, C Hofmann, H Löwe, G Nikolaidis, R Zapf, ...
Catalysis today 120 (1), 2-20, 2007
Preparation of Pt/ZSM-5 films on stainless steel microreactors
O De La Iglesia, V Sebastián, R Mallada, G Nikolaidis, J Coronas, G Kolb, ...
Catalysis today 125 (1-2), 2-10, 2007
Preparation of zeolite films as catalytic coatings on microreactor channels
V Sebastián, O De la Iglesia, R Mallada, L Casado, G Kolb, V Hessel, ...
Microporous and mesoporous materials 115 (1-2), 147-155, 2008
Chemocatalysis of sugars to produce lactic acid derivatives on zeolitic imidazolate frameworks
B Murillo, B Zornoza, O de la Iglesia, C Téllez, J Coronas
Journal of Catalysis 334, 60-67, 2016
Monoamine-grafted MCM-48: An efficient material for CO2 removal at low partial pressures
M Gil, I Tiscornia, Ó de la Iglesia, R Mallada, J Santamaría
Chemical engineering journal 175, 291-297, 2011
Synthesis and characterization of MCM-48 tubular membranes
O De la Iglesia, M Pedernera, R Mallada, Z Lin, J Rocha, J Coronas, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 280 (1-2), 867-875, 2006
Conversion of glucose to lactic acid derivatives with mesoporous Sn‐MCM‐41 and microporous titanosilicates
B Murillo, A Sánchez, V Sebastián, C Casado‐Coterillo, O de la Iglesia, ...
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology 89 (9), 1344-1350, 2014
Metal-organic framework MIL-101 (Cr) based mixed matrix membranes for esterification of ethanol and acetic acid in a membrane reactor
Ó de la Iglesia, S Sorribas, E Almendro, B Zornoza, C Téllez, J Coronas
Renewable energy 88, 12-19, 2016
Preparation and characterization of two-layered mordenite-ZSM-5 bi-functional membranes
Ó de la Iglesia, S Irusta, R Mallada, M Menéndez, J Coronas, ...
Microporous and mesoporous materials 93 (1-3), 318-324, 2006
Removal of VOCs at trace concentration levels from humid air by Microwave Swing Adsorption, kinetics and proper sorbent selection
H Nigar, N Navascués, O De la Iglesia, R Mallada, J Santamaría
Separation and Purification Technology 151, 193-200, 2015
Preparation of stable MCM-48 tubular membranes
M Pedernera, O de la Iglesia, R Mallada, Z Lin, J Rocha, J Coronas, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 326 (1), 137-144, 2009
Solubilities of nonpolar gases in triethylene glycol dimethyl ether, tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether, dimethyl carbonate, and diethyl carbonate at 298.15 K and 101.33 kPa …
O De la Iglesia, AM Mainar, JI Pardo, JS Urieta
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 48 (3), 657-661, 2003
Combined silica sources to prepare preferentially oriented silicalite-1 layers on various supports
P Hrabanek, A Zikanova, J Drahokoupil, O Prokopova, L Brabec, I Jirka, ...
Microporous and mesoporous materials 174, 154-162, 2013
Preparation and characterization of zeolite membranes
P Gorgojo, Ó de la Iglesia, J Coronas
Membrane Science and Technology 13, 135-175, 2008
Pervaporation-assisted esterification reactions by means of mixed matrix membranes
R Castro-Muñoz, O Iglesia, V Fíla, C Téllez, J Coronas
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 57 (47), 15998-16011, 2018
Towards the dehydration of ethanol using pervaporation cross-linked poly (vinyl alcohol)/graphene oxide membranes
R Castro-Muñoz, J Buera-González, O de la Iglesia, F Galiano, V Fíla, ...
Journal of Membrane Science 582, 423-434, 2019
Hierarchical silicalite-1 structures based on pyrolized materials
Ó de la Iglesia, JL Sánchez, J Coronas
Materials Letters 65 (19-20), 3124-3127, 2011
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