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Transforming growth factor β1 induces the expression of α1(i) procollagen mRNA by a hydrogen peroxide‐C/EBPβ‐dependent mechanism in rat hepatic stellate cells
ER García‐Trevijano, MJ Iraburu, L Fontana, JA Domínguez‐Rosales, ...
Hepatology 29 (3), 960-970, 1999
Sources, isolation, characterisation and evaluation of probiotics
L Fontana, M Bermudez-Brito, J Plaza-Diaz, S Munoz-Quezada, A Gil
British journal of nutrition 109 (S2), S35-S50, 2013
Modulation of immunity and inflammatory gene expression in the gut, in inflammatory diseases of the gut and in the liver by probiotics
J Plaza-Diaz, C Gomez-Llorente, L Fontana, A Gil
World journal of gastroenterology: WJG 20 (42), 15632, 2014
Inhibition of hepatocyte autophagy increases tumor necrosis factor-dependent liver injury by promoting caspase-8 activation
M Amir, E Zhao, L Fontana, H Rosenberg, K Tanaka, G Gao, MJ Czaja
Cell Death & Differentiation 20 (7), 878-887, 2013
Tumor necrosis factor α down‐regulates expression of the α1 (I) collagen gene in rat hepatic stellate cells through a p20C/EBPβ‐and C/EBPδ‐dependent mechanism
MJ Iraburu, JA Domínguez‐Rosales, L Fontana, A Auster, ...
Hepatology 31 (5), 1086-1093, 2000
Serum amino acid changes in rats with thioacetamide-induced liver cirrhosis
L Fontana, E Moreira, MI Torres, MI Fernández, A Rios, FS De Medina, ...
Toxicology 106 (1-3), 197-206, 1996
Rat hepatic stellate cells contribute to the acute-phase response with increased expression of α1 (I) and α1 (IV) collagens, tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1, and matrix …
N Nieto, JA Dominguez-Rosales, L Fontana, A Salazar, ...
Hepatology 33 (3), 597-607, 2001
Aging promotes the development of diet‐induced murine steatohepatitis but not steatosis
L Fontana, E Zhao, M Amir, H Dong, K Tanaka, MJ Czaja
Hepatology 57 (3), 995-1004, 2013
Effects of Lactobacillus paracasei CNCM I-4034, Bifidobacterium breve CNCM I-4035 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus CNCM I-4036 on hepatic steatosis in Zucker rats
J Plaza-Diaz, C Gomez-Llorente, F Abadia-Molina, MJ Saez-Lara, ...
PloS one 9 (5), 2014
Dietary nucleotides correct plasma and liver microsomal fatty acid alterations in rats with liver cirrhosis induced by oral intake of thioacetamide
L Fontana, E Moreira, MI Torres, I Fernández, A Ríos, FS de Medina, A Gil
Journal of hepatology 28 (4), 662-669, 1998
Changes in fatty acid composition of plasma, liver microsomes, and erythrocytes in liver cirrhosis induced by oral intake of thioacetamide in rats
E Moreira, L Fontana, JL Periago, FS De Medina, Á Gil
Hepatology 21 (1), 199-206, 1995
Ethanol induces the expression of α1 (I) procollagen mRNA in a co-culture system containing a liver stellate cell-line and freshly isolated hepatocytes
L Fontana, D Jerez, L Rojas-Valencia, JA Solı́s-Herruzo, P Greenwel, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Basis of Disease 1362 (2-3 …, 1997
Influence of dietary nucleotides on liver structural recovery and hepatocyte binuclearity in cirrhosis induced by thioacetamide.
MI Torres-Lopez, I Fernandez, L Fontana, A Gil, A Rios
Gut 38 (2), 260-264, 1996
In vitro cell and tissue models for studying host–microbe interactions: a review
M Bermudez-Brito, J Plaza-Díaz, L Fontana, S Munoz-Quezada, A Gil
British journal of nutrition 109 (S2), S27-S34, 2013
Pyrosequencing analysis reveals changes in intestinal microbiota of healthy adults who received a daily dose of immunomodulatory probiotic strains
J Plaza-Díaz, JÁ Fernández-Caballero, N Chueca, F García, ...
Nutrients 7 (6), 3999-4015, 2015
Transplantation of human CD34+ stem cells from umbilical cord blood to rats with thioacetamide‐induced liver cirrhosis
MJ Sáez‐Lara, C Frecha, F Martín, F Abadía, M Toscano, Á Gil, L Fontana
Xenotransplantation 13 (6), 529-535, 2006
Safety and immunomodulatory effects of three probiotic strains isolated from the feces of breast-fed infants in healthy adults: SETOPROB study
J Plaza-Diaz, C Gomez-Llorente, L Campaña-Martin, E Matencio, I Ortuño, ...
PLoS One 8 (10), 2013
Exogenous nucleosides alter the intracellular nucleotide pool in hepatic cell cultures. Implications in cell proliferation and function
A Arnaud, L Fontana, AJ Angulo, A Gil, JM López-Pedrosa
Clinical Nutrition 22 (4), 391-399, 2003
Dietary nucleotides and cell growth
A Sánchez-Pozo, R Rueda, L Fontana, A Gil
Trends in comparative biochemistry and physiology 5, 99-111, 1998
Breast Cancer and Its Relationship with the Microbiota
MF Fernández, I Reina-Pérez, JM Astorga, A Rodríguez-Carrillo, ...
Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 15 (8), 1747, 2018
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