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Dataset of" Exciton and Carrier Dynamics in Two-Dimensional Perovskites"
A Burgos-Caminal, E Socie, MEF Bouduban, JE Moser
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Charge carrier and exciton dynamics within hybrid lead halide perovskites of mixed composition and dimensionality
MEF Bouduban
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An alternative to CASSCF for the exploration of potential energy surfaces: FOMO-CASCI put to the test
MEF Bouduban
Exciton-Carrier Dynamics in 2D Perovskites
A Burgos-Caminal, E Socie, MEF Bouduban, JE Moser
Formal Name (French) Groupe Moser Formal Name (English) Moser Group
NR Banerji, MEF Bouduban, JC Brauer, A Burgos Caminal, MJG Cottet, ...
Spatial Charge Separation as the Origin of Anomalous Stark Effect in Fluorous Two-Dimensional Hybrid Perovskites
VIE Queloz, MEF Bouduban, I García-Benito, A Fedorovskiy, S Orlandi, ...
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