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Molecular recognition of a three‐way DNA junction by a metallosupramolecular helicate
A Oleksi, AG Blanco, R Boer, I Usón, J Aymamí, A Rodger, MJ Hannon, ...
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The antimalarial and cytotoxic drug cryptolepine intercalates into DNA at cytosine-cytosine sites
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A pseudo α-helix from poly (α-isobutyl-L-aspartate), a nylon-3 derivative
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Three‐dimensional crystal structure of the A‐tract DNA dodecamer d (CGCAAATTTGCG) complexed with the minor‐groove‐binding drug Hoechst 33258
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Satellite DNAs contain sequences that induce curvature
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Three-dimensional crystal structure of human eosinophil cationic protein (RNase 3) at 1.75 Å resolution
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DNA interaction and dual topoisomerase I and II inhibition properties of the anti-tumor drug prodigiosin
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DNA minor groove recognition of a non-self-complementary AT-rich sequence by a tris-benzimidazole ligand
J Aymami, CM Nunn, S Neidle
Nucleic acids research 27 (13), 2691-2698, 1999
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