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Montserrat TERRAZAS
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RNA major groove modifications improve siRNA stability and biological activity
M Terrazas, ET Kool
Nucleic acids research 37 (2), 346-353, 2009
Polymerase-catalyzed synthesis of DNA from phosphoramidate conjugates of deoxynucleotides and amino acids
O Adelfinskaya, M Terrazas, M Froeyen, P Marlière, K Nauwelaerts, ...
A Multidisciplinary Approach for the Identification of Novel HIV‐1 Non‐Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors: S‐DABOCs and DAVPs
M Radi, C Falciani, L Contemori, E Petricci, G Maga, A Samuele, S Zanoli, ...
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Á Somoza, M Terrazas, R Eritja
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Discovery of Non‐Nucleoside Inhibitors of HIV‐1 Reverse Transcriptase Competing with the Nucleotide Substrate
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Chemistry & Biodiversity 5 (1), 31-39, 2008
Effect of North Bicyclo [3.1. 0] hexane 2′‐Deoxy‐pseudosugars on RNA Interference: A Novel Class of siRNA Modification
M Terrazas, SM Ocampo, JC Perales, VE Marquez, R Eritja
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A direct, efficient method for the preparation of N6-protected 15N-labeled adenosines
M Terrazas, X Ariza, J Farràs, JM Guisado-Yang, J Vilarrasa
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Modulation of the RNA interference activity using central mismatched siRNAs and acyclic threoninol nucleic acids (aTNA) units
A Alagia, M Terrazas, R Eritja
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Stepwise synthesis of oligonucleotide–peptide conjugates containing guanidinium and lipophilic groups in their 3′-termini
S Grijalvo, M Terrazas, A Aviñó, R Eritja
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RNA/aTNA chimeras: RNAi effects and nucleases resistance of single and double stranded RNAs
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A Gandioso, A Massaguer, N Villegas, C Salvans, D Sánchez, ...
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Functionalization of the 3′‐Ends of DNA and RNA Strands with N‐ethyl‐N‐coupled Nucleosides: A Promising Approach To Avoid 3′‐Exonuclease‐Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Therapeutic …
M Terrazas, A Alagia, I Faustino, M Orozco, R Eritja
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M Terrazas, X Ariza, J Vilarrasa
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E Vengut-Climent, M Terrazas, R Lucas, M Arévalo-Ruiz, R Eritja, ...
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Pd-catalysed amidation of 2, 6-dihalopurine nucleosides. Replacement of iodine at 0° C
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Rational design of novel N-alkyl-N capped biostable RNA nanostructures for efficient long-term inhibition of gene expression
M Terrazas, I Ivani, N Villegas, C Paris, C Salvans, I Brun-Heath, ...
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Can A Denaturant Stabilize DNA? Pyridine Reverses DNA Denaturation in Acidic pH
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M Terrazas, R Eritja
Molecular diversity 15 (3), 677-686, 2011
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