Alessandro Sorrenti
Alessandro Sorrenti
University of Barcelona/Section of Organic Chemistry
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Non-equilibrium supramolecular polymerization
A Sorrenti, J Leira-Iglesias, AJ Markvoort, TFA de Greef, TM Hermans
Chemical Society Reviews 46 (18), 5476-5490, 2017
Amphiphiles in aqueous solution: well beyond a soap bubble
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A Sorrenti, J Leira-Iglesias, A Sato, TM Hermans
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Self-assembled materials and supramolecular chemistry within microfluidic environments: from common thermodynamic states to non-equilibrium structures
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Supramolecular pathway selection of perylenediimides mediated by chemical fuels
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Structure vs. properties—Chirality, optics and shapes—In amphiphilic porphyrin J-aggregates
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Liquid flow and control without solid walls
P Dunne, T Adachi, AA Dev, A Sorrenti, L Giacchetti, A Bonnin, C Bourdon, ...
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Chiral sign selection on the J‐aggregates of diprotonated tetrakis‐(4‐sulfonatophenyl) porphyrin by traces of unidentified chiral contaminants present in the ultra‐pure water …
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Chirality: The Pharmacological, Biological, and Chemical Consequences of …, 2009
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Z El-Hachemi, G Mancini, JM Ribó, A Sorrenti
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Milliseconds make the difference in the far-from-equilibrium self-assembly of supramolecular chiral nanostructures
A Sorrenti, R Rodriguez-Trujillo, DB Amabilino, J Puigmarti-Luis
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Multiscale study of mononuclear Co II SMMs based on curcuminoid ligands
R Díaz-Torres, M Menelaou, O Roubeau, A Sorrenti, ...
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Biomimetic synthesis of sub-20 nm covalent organic frameworks in water
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Supramolecular Chirality in Solvent‐Promoted Aggregation of Amphiphilic Porphyrin Derivatives: Kinetic Studies and Comparison between Solution Behavior and Solid‐State …
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Growing and shaping metal–organic framework single crystals at the millimeter scale
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Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (20), 9372-9381, 2020
Effects of flow-selectivity on self-assembly and auto-organization processes: an example
A Sorrenti, Z El-Hachemi, J Crusats, JM Ribo
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Chiral Cyclobutane β-Amino Acid-Based Amphiphiles: Influence of Cis/Trans Stereochemistry on Solution Self-Aggregation and Recognition
A Sorrenti, O Illa, R Pons, RM Ortuño
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Flow effects in supramolecular chirality
O Arteaga, A Canillas, J Crusats, Z El‐Hachemi, J Llorens, A Sorrenti, ...
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