Dongbo Shi / 石 東博
Dongbo Shi / 石 東博
COS Heidelberg, Heidelberg University
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Lack of cadherins Celsr2 and Celsr3 impairs ependymal ciliogenesis, leading to fatal hydrocephalus
F Tissir, Y Qu, M Montcouquiol, L Zhou, K Komatsu, D Shi, T Fujimori, ...
Nature neuroscience 13 (6), 700-707, 2010
Celsr1 is required for the generation of polarity at multiple levels of the mouse oviduct
D Shi, K Komatsu, M Hirao, Y Toyooka, H Koyama, F Tissir, AM Goffinet, ...
Development 141 (23), 4558-4568, 2014
A Wnt5 activity asymmetry and intercellular signaling via PCP proteins polarize node cells for left-right symmetry breaking
K Minegishi, M Hashimoto, R Ajima, K Takaoka, K Shinohara, Y Ikawa, ...
Developmental cell 40 (5), 439-452. e4, 2017
Analysis of ciliary beat frequency and ovum transport ability in the mouse oviduct
D Shi, K Komatsu, T Uemura, T Fujimori
Genes to cells 16 (3), 282-290, 2011
Bifacial cambium stem cells generate xylem and phloem during radial plant growth
D Shi, I Lebovka, V López-Salmerón, P Sanchez, T Greb
Development 146 (1), 2019
Dynamics of planar cell polarity protein Vangl2 in the mouse oviduct epithelium
D Shi, F Usami, K Komatsu, S Oka, T Abe, T Uemura, T Fujimori
Mechanisms of development 141, 78-89, 2016
Mechanical regulation of three-dimensional epithelial fold pattern formation in the mouse oviduct
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Mechanical control of notochord morphogenesis by extra-embryonic tissues in mouse embryos
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Biophysics in oviduct: Planar cell polarity, cilia, epithelial fold and tube morphogenesis, egg dynamics
H Koyama, D Shi, T Fujimori
Biophysics and physicobiology 16, 89-107, 2019
Bifacial stem cell niches in fish and plants
D Shi, T Tavhelidse, T Thumberger, J Wittbrodt, T Greb
Current opinion in genetics & development 45, 28-33, 2017
Map7/7D1 and Dvl form a feedback loop that facilitates microtubule remodeling and Wnt5a signaling
K Kikuchi, A Nakamura, M Arata, D Shi, M Nakagawa, T Tanaka, ...
EMBO reports 19 (7), e45471, 2018
Seven-pass transmembrane cadherin CELSRs, and Fat4 and Dchs1 cadherins: from planar cell polarity to three-dimensional organ architecture
D Shi, M Arata, T Usui, T Fujimori, T Uemura
The Cadherin Superfamily, 251-275, 2016
Atypical cadherin negotiates a turn
D Shi, T Fujimori, T Uemura
Developmental cell 26 (1), 1-2, 2013
SUPPRESSOR OF MAX2 1‐LIKE 5 promotes secondary phloem formation during radial stem growth
ES Wallner, N Tonn, D Shi, V Jouannet, T Greb
the Plant journal 102, 903-915, 2020
A novel planar polarity gene pepsinogen‐like regulates wingless expression in a posttranscriptional manner
K Mouri, Y Nishino, M Arata, D Shi, SY Horiuchi, T Uemura
Developmental Dynamics 243 (6), 791-799, 2014
Tissue-specific transcriptome profiling of the Arabidopsis thaliana inflorescence stem reveals local cellular signatures.
D Shi, V Jouannet, J Agustí, V Kaul, V Levitsky, P Sanchez, VV Mironova, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
小山宏史, 石東博, 藤森俊彦
生物物理 57 (5), 259-261, 2017
Celsr1 and CAMSAP3 differently regulate intercellular and intracellular cilia orientation in oviduct multiciliated cells
FM Usami, M Arata, D Shi, S Oka, Y Higuchi, F Tissir, M Takeichi, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
A novel pathway controlling cambium initiation and-activity via cytokinin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis
A Rahimi, O Karami, AD Lestari, D Shi, T Greb, R Offringa
bioRxiv, 2020
The people behind the papers-Dongbo Shi and Thomas Greb
D Shi, T Greb
DEVELOPMENT 146 (1), 2019
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