Samuel Achilefu
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Fluorescence lifetime measurements and biological imaging
MY Berezin, S Achilefu
Chemical reviews 110 (5), 2641-2684, 2010
Novel receptor-targeted fluorescent contrast agents for in vivo tumor imaging
S Achilefu, RB Dorshow, JE Bugaj, R Rajagopalan
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In Vivo Targeted Deep-Tissue Photodynamic Therapy Based on Near-Infrared Light Triggered Upconversion Nanoconstruct
S Cui, D Yin, Y Chen, Y Di, H Chen, Y Ma, S Achilefu, Y Gu
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Lighting up tumors with receptor-specific optical molecular probes
S Achilefu
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Small animal imaging: current technology and perspectives for oncological imaging
JS Lewis, S Achilefu, JR Garbow, R Laforest, MJ Welch
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Novel fluorescent contrast agents for optical imaging of in vivo tumors based on a receptor-targeted dye-peptide conjugate platform
JE Bugaj, SI Achilefu, RB Dorshow, R Rajagopalan
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High-Quality CuInS2/ZnS Quantum Dots for In vitro and In vivo Bioimaging
D Deng, Y Chen, J Cao, J Tian, Z Qian, S Achilefu, Y Gu
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Fluorescence manipulation by gold nanoparticles: from complete quenching to extensive enhancement
KA Kang, J Wang, JB Jasinski, S Achilefu
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Multimodality molecular imaging with combined optical and SPECT/PET modalities
J Culver, W Akers, S Achilefu
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Time-dependent whole-body fluorescence tomography of probe bio-distributions in mice
SV Patwardhan, SR Bloch, S Achilefu, JP Culver
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Preparation and biological evaluation of copper-64–labeled Tyr3-octreotate using a cross-bridged macrocyclic chelator
JE Sprague, Y Peng, X Sun, GR Weisman, EH Wong, S Achilefu, ...
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Multifunctional gold nanostar conjugates for tumor imaging and combined photothermal and chemo-therapy
H Chen, X Zhang, S Dai, Y Ma, S Cui, S Achilefu, Y Gu
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Breaking the depth dependency of phototherapy with Cerenkov radiation and low-radiance-responsive nanophotosensitizers
N Kotagiri, GP Sudlow, WJ Akers, S Achilefu
Nature nanotechnology 10 (4), 370, 2015
Noninvasive photoacoustic and fluorescence sentinel lymph node identification using dye-loaded perfluorocarbon nanoparticles
WJ Akers, C Kim, M Berezin, K Guo, R Fuhrhop, GM Lanza, GM Fischer, ...
ACS nano 5 (1), 173-182, 2011
Near-infrared pH-activatable fluorescent probes for imaging primary and metastatic breast tumors
H Lee, W Akers, K Bhushan, S Bloch, G Sudlow, R Tang, S Achilefu
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Whole-body fluorescence lifetime imaging of a tumor-targeted near-infrared molecular probe in mice
SR Bloch, F Lesage, L McIntosh, AH Gandjbakhche, K Liang, S Achilefu
Journal of biomedical optics 10 (5), 054003, 2005
A pH-sensitive doxorubicin prodrug based on folate-conjugated BSA for tumor-targeted drug delivery
C Du, D Deng, L Shan, S Wan, J Cao, J Tian, S Achilefu, Y Gu
Biomaterials 34 (12), 3087-3097, 2013
Amphiphilic chitosan modified upconversion nanoparticles for in vivo photodynamic therapy induced by near-infrared light
S Cui, H Chen, H Zhu, J Tian, X Chi, Z Qian, S Achilefu, Y Gu
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (11), 4861-4873, 2012
Optical imaging of mammary and prostate tumors in living animals using a synthetic near infrared zinc (II)-dipicolylamine probe for anionic cell surfaces
BA Smith, WJ Akers, WM Leevy, AJ Lampkins, S Xiao, W Wolter, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (1), 67-69, 2010
Synergistic effects of light-emitting probes and peptides for targeting and monitoring integrin expression
S Achilefu, S Bloch, MA Markiewicz, T Zhong, Y Ye, RB Dorshow, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (22), 7976-7981, 2005
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