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Crown Ether Complexes with H3O+ and NH4+: Proton Localization and Proton Bridge Formation
P Hurtado, F Gámez, S Hamad, B Martínez-Haya, JD Steill, J Oomens
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 115 (25), 7275-7282, 2011
Vibrational study of isolated 18-crown-6 ether complexes with alkaline-earth metal cations
F Gámez, P Hurtado, B Martínez–Haya, G Berden, J Oomens
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 308 (2-3), 217-224, 2011
Nanoparticle TiO2 Films Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition: Laser Desorption and Cationization of Model Adsorbates
F Gamez, A Plaza-Reyes, P Hurtado, E Guillén, JA Anta, B Martínez-Haya, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (41), 17409-17415, 2010
Gas–phase complexes of cyclic and linear polyethers with alkali cations
P Hurtado, AR Hortal, F Gámez, S Hamad, B Martínez-Haya
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (41), 13752-13758, 2010
A hybrid silver-magnetite detector based on surface enhanced Raman scattering for differentiating organic compounds
C Caro, MJ Sayagues, V Franco, A Conde, P Zaderenko, F Gámez
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 228, 124-133, 2016
Platinum nanoparticles prepared by laser ablation in aqueous solutions: fabrication and application to laser desorption ionization
M Cueto, M Sanz, M Oujja, F Gámez, B Martínez− Haya, M Castillejo
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (45), 22217-22224, 2011
One-and two-step ultraviolet and infrared laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry of asphaltenes
P Hurtado, F Gámez, B Martínez-Haya
Energy & fuels 24 (11), 6067-6073, 2010
UV-vis-NIR laser desorption/ionization of synthetic polymers assisted by gold nanospheres, nanorods and nanostars
F Gámez, P Hurtado, PM Castillo, C Caro, AR Hortal, P Zaderenko, ...
Plasmonics 5 (2), 125-133, 2010
Preparation of luminescent metal-organic framework films by soft-imprinting for 2, 4-dinitrotoluene sensing
J Roales, FG Moscoso, F Gámez, T Lopes-Costa, A Sousaraei, S Casado, ...
Materials 10 (9), 992, 2017
Vapour–liquid equilibrium of fluids composed by oblate molecules
F Gámez, S Lago, B Garzón, PJ Merkling, C Vega
Molecular Physics 106 (11), 1331-1339, 2008
Demixing and nematic behaviour of oblate hard spherocylinders and hard spheres mixtures: Monte Carlo simulation and Parsons–Lee theory
F Gámez, RD Acemel, A Cuetos
Molecular Physics 111 (20), 3136-3146, 2013
Cations in a molecular funnel: vibrational spectroscopy of isolated cyclodextrin complexes with alkali metals
F Gámez, P Hurtado, AR Hortal, B Martínez‐Haya, G Berden, J Oomens
ChemPhysChem 14 (2), 400-407, 2013
Adsorption of DNA to octadecylamine monolayers at the air–water interface
T Lopes-Costa, F Gámez, S Lago, JM Pedrosa
Journal of colloid and interface science 354 (2), 733-738, 2011
Parsons–Lee approach for oblate hard spherocylinders
F Gámez, PJ Merkling, S Lago
Chemical Physics Letters 494 (1-3), 45-49, 2010
Preparation of surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates based on immobilized silver-capped nanoparticles
C Caro, F Gámez, AP Zaderenko
Journal of Spectroscopy 2018, 2018
Perturbation theory for multipolar discrete fluids
AL Benavides, F Gámez
The Journal of chemical physics 135 (13), 134511, 2011
The influence of the polarity of fractionated asphaltenes on their Langmuir-film properties
MD Lobato, F Gámez, S Lago, JM Pedrosa
Fuel 200, 162-170, 2017
AgACTiO2 nanoparticles with microbiocide properties under visible light
C Caro, F Gámez, MJ Sayagues, R Polvillo, JL Royo
Materials Research Express 2 (5), 055002, 2015
High-resolution rotational spectroscopy of a cyclic ether
F Gámez, B Martínez-Haya, S Blanco, JC López, JL Alonso
The journal of physical chemistry letters 3 (4), 482-485, 2012
Multipodal coordination of a tetracarboxylic crown ether with : A vibrational spectroscopy and computational study
P Hurtado, F Gámez, S Hamad, B Martínez–Haya, JD Steill, J Oomens
The Journal of Chemical Physics 136 (11), 114301, 2012
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