C. F. Sánchez-Valdés
C. F. Sánchez-Valdés
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Giant magnetocaloric effect in melt-spun Ni-Mn-Ga ribbons with magneto-multistructural transformation
Z Li, Y Zhang, CF Sánchez-Valdés, JL Sánchez Llamazares, C Esling, ...
Applied Physics Letters 104 (4), 044101, 2014
Microstructure and magnetocaloric effect of melt-spun Ni52Mn26Ga22 ribbon
ZB Li, JL Sánchez Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdés, YD Zhang, C Esling, ...
Applied Physics Letters 100 (17), 174102, 2012
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles by laser ablation in ethanol: a pulsed photoacoustic study
MA Valverde-Alva, T García-Fernández, M Villagrán-Muniz, ...
Applied Surface Science 355, 341-349, 2015
Magnetocaloric effect in melt-spun MnCoGe ribbons
CF Sánchez-Valdés, JLS Llamazares, H Flores-Zúñiga, D Ríos-Jara, ...
Scripta Materialia 69 (3), 211-214, 2013
Texture-induced enhancement of the magnetocaloric response in melt-spun DyNi2 ribbons
PJ Ibarra-Gaytan, CF Sánchez-Valdes, JL Sánchez Llamazares, ...
Applied Physics Letters 103 (15), 152401, 2013
Enhanced refrigerant capacity in two-phase nanocrystalline/amorphous NdPrFe17 melt-spun ribbons
CF Sánchez-Valdés, PJ Ibarra-Gaytán, JLS Llamazares, M Ávalos-Borja, ...
Applied Physics Letters 104 (21), 212401, 2014
Enhanced refrigerant capacity in Gd-Al-Co microwires with a biphase nanocrystalline/amorphous structure
HX Shen, DW Xing, JL Sánchez Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdés, ...
Applied Physics Letters 108 (9), 092403, 2016
Refrigerant capacity of austenite in as-quenched and annealed Ni51.1Mn31.2In17.7 melt spun ribbons
JL Sánchez Llamazares, H Flores-Zuñiga, C Sánchez-Valdes, CA Ross, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (7), 07A932, 2012
Thermal and magnetic field-induced martensitic transformation in Ni50Mn25− x Ga25Cu x (0⩽ x⩽ 7) melt-spun ribbons
Z Li, N Zou, CF Sánchez-Valdés, JLS Llamazares, B Yang, Y Hu, Y Zhang, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49 (2), 025002, 2015
Structural and magnetic characterization of the intermartensitic phase transition in NiMnSn Heusler alloy ribbons
JL Sánchez Llamazares, H Flores-Zúñiga, D Ríos-Jara, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (17), 17A948, 2013
Phase transition and magnetocaloric properties of Mn50Ni42− xCoxSn8 (0≤ x≤ 10) melt-spun ribbons
Z Li, Y Jiang, CF Sánchez Valdés, JL Sánchez Llamazares, B Yang, ...
IUCrJ 5 (1), 54-66, 2018
On the correct estimation of the magnetic entropy change across the magneto-structural transition from the Maxwell relation: Study of MnCoGeBx alloy ribbons
A Quintana-Nedelcos, JLS Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdés, PÁ Alonso, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 694, 1189-1195, 2017
Optical properties of ceria–zirconia epitaxial films grown from chemical solutions
O Peña-Rodríguez, CF Sánchez-Valdés, M Garriga, MI Alonso, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 138 (2-3), 462-467, 2013
On the broadening of the magnetic entropy change due to Curie temperature distribution
P Alvarez-Alonso, JL Sanchez Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdés, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (17), 17A929, 2014
The effect of step-like martensitic transformation on the magnetic entropy change of Ni40. 6Co8. 5Mn40. 9Sn10 unidirectional crystal grown with the Bridgman-Stockbarger technique
F Chen, YX Tong, L Li, JLS Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdés, P Müllner
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 691, 269-274, 2017
In situ study through electrical resistance of growth rate of trifluoroacetate-based solution-derived YBa2Cu3O7 films
CF Sánchez-Valdés, T Puig, X Obradors
Superconductor Science and Technology 28 (2), 024006, 2015
The substitution effect of chromium on the magnetic properties of (Fe1− xCrx) 80Si6B14 metallic glasses (0.02≤ x≤ 0.14)
P Álvarez-Alonso, JD Santos, MJ Pérez, CF Sánchez-Valdes, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 347, 75-78, 2013
Magnetic entropy change and refrigerant capacity of rapidly solidified TbNi2 alloy ribbons
JL Sánchez Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdes, PJ Ibarra-Gaytan, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (17), 17A912, 2013
High-magnetic field characterization of magnetocaloric effect in FeZrB (Cu) amorphous ribbons
P Álvarez-Alonso, JL Sánchez Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdés, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (17), 17A710, 2015
Hard magnetic properties of isotropic nanostructured Y0. 5Pr0. 5Co5 powders
JLS Ll, CFS Valdes, AS Gil
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 294 (2), 226-231, 2005
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