C. F. Sánchez-Valdés
C. F. Sánchez-Valdés
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Giant magnetocaloric effect in melt-spun Ni-Mn-Ga ribbons with magneto-multistructural transformation
Z Li, Y Zhang, CF Sánchez-Valdés, JL Sánchez Llamazares, C Esling, ...
Applied Physics Letters 104 (4), 044101, 2014
Microstructure and magnetocaloric effect of melt-spun Ni52Mn26Ga22 ribbon
ZB Li, JL Sánchez Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdés, YD Zhang, C Esling, ...
Applied Physics Letters 100 (17), 174102, 2012
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles by laser ablation in ethanol: a pulsed photoacoustic study
MA Valverde-Alva, T García-Fernández, M Villagrán-Muniz, ...
Applied Surface Science 355, 341-349, 2015
Magnetocaloric effect in melt-spun MnCoGe ribbons
CF Sánchez-Valdés, JLS Llamazares, H Flores-Zúñiga, D Ríos-Jara, ...
Scripta Materialia 69 (3), 211-214, 2013
Texture-induced enhancement of the magnetocaloric response in melt-spun DyNi2 ribbons
PJ Ibarra-Gaytan, CF Sánchez-Valdes, JL Sánchez Llamazares, ...
Applied Physics Letters 103 (15), 152401, 2013
Enhanced refrigerant capacity in Gd-Al-Co microwires with a biphase nanocrystalline/amorphous structure
HX Shen, DW Xing, JL Sánchez Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdés, ...
Applied Physics Letters 108 (9), 092403, 2016
Enhanced refrigerant capacity in two-phase nanocrystalline/amorphous NdPrFe17 melt-spun ribbons
CF Sánchez-Valdés, PJ Ibarra-Gaytán, JLS Llamazares, M Ávalos-Borja, ...
Applied Physics Letters 104 (21), 212401, 2014
Refrigerant capacity of austenite in as-quenched and annealed Ni51.1Mn31.2In17.7 melt spun ribbons
JL Sánchez Llamazares, H Flores-Zuñiga, C Sánchez-Valdes, CA Ross, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (7), 07A932, 2012
Phase transition and magnetocaloric properties of Mn50Ni42− xCoxSn8 (0≤ x≤ 10) melt-spun ribbons
Z Li, Y Jiang, CF Sánchez Valdés, JL Sánchez Llamazares, B Yang, ...
IUCrJ 5 (1), 54-66, 2018
Thermal and magnetic field-induced martensitic transformation in Ni50Mn25− x Ga25Cu x (0⩽ x⩽ 7) melt-spun ribbons
Z Li, N Zou, CF Sánchez-Valdés, JLS Llamazares, B Yang, Y Hu, Y Zhang, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49 (2), 025002, 2015
Structural and magnetic characterization of the intermartensitic phase transition in NiMnSn Heusler alloy ribbons
JL Sánchez Llamazares, H Flores-Zúñiga, D Ríos-Jara, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (17), 17A948, 2013
On the correct estimation of the magnetic entropy change across the magneto-structural transition from the Maxwell relation: Study of MnCoGeBx alloy ribbons
A Quintana-Nedelcos, JLS Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdés, PÁ Alonso, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 694, 1189-1195, 2017
On the broadening of the magnetic entropy change due to Curie temperature distribution
P Alvarez-Alonso, JL Sanchez Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdés, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (17), 17A929, 2014
Optical properties of ceria–zirconia epitaxial films grown from chemical solutions
O Peña-Rodríguez, CF Sánchez-Valdés, M Garriga, MI Alonso, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 138 (2-3), 462-467, 2013
In situ study through electrical resistance of growth rate of trifluoroacetate-based solution-derived YBa2Cu3O7 films
CF Sánchez-Valdés, T Puig, X Obradors
Superconductor Science and Technology 28 (2), 024006, 2015
The effect of step-like martensitic transformation on the magnetic entropy change of Ni40. 6Co8. 5Mn40. 9Sn10 unidirectional crystal grown with the Bridgman-Stockbarger technique
F Chen, YX Tong, L Li, JLS Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdés, P Müllner
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 691, 269-274, 2017
Magnetic entropy change and refrigerant capacity of rapidly solidified TbNi2 alloy ribbons
JL Sánchez Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdes, PJ Ibarra-Gaytan, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (17), 17A912, 2013
High-magnetic field characterization of magnetocaloric effect in FeZrB (Cu) amorphous ribbons
P Álvarez-Alonso, JL Sánchez Llamazares, CF Sánchez-Valdés, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (17), 17A710, 2015
The substitution effect of chromium on the magnetic properties of (Fe1− xCrx) 80Si6B14 metallic glasses (0.02≤ x≤ 0.14)
P Álvarez-Alonso, JD Santos, MJ Pérez, CF Sánchez-Valdes, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 347, 75-78, 2013
Giant low-field magnetocaloric effect in Si alloyed Ni-Co-Mn-In alloys
Z Li, S Dong, Z Li, B Yang, F Liu, CF Sánchez-Valdés, JLS Llamazares, ...
Scripta Materialia 159, 113-118, 2019
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